one of my plants is yellowing at the tips what should i do?

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  1. so my largest plants leaves are starting to turn a lighter shade of green on the serrated tips of the leaves does anyone know what might be causing this problem? and how i can fix it?
  2. More info please? Are the tips bending to one side or the other or down? Is it just a lighter shade of green or are they truly yellowing? Are they wilted or sagging?
    The reason I ask is because sometimes leaves change color for no reason or there may be a serious reason but if so there is usually more to it then just changing color.
  3. Such a lack of info.... What's your water schedule? How much/when do you use nutes? How much light do you have and how closely placed? PICCTURESSS? even crappy ones. Did you try flushing them? What's your PH? Is it flowering? Is it indica or sativa?
  4. Post Pictures so a proper diagnoses can be made.
  5. heres the photos my watering schedule is once every 4 days. I fertilized this plant 4 days ago with some dr earth 3-3-3. i used one tablespoon to a gallon of of water that is 1/4 the recommended dose. I have also fertilized it a few times with bat guano. i also probly should add that all the other plants i fertilized are fine. im using a 400 watt MH light that is placed about 2.5 maybe 3 feet away from the plants

  6. PH is too low most likely.
  7. Ill check the ph on this guy again but about a week and a half ago the ph was right at 7.0
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    Are the other plats that are doing fine same gen? age?
    Pot-size?date of LAst transfer?

    first pic looks like its the bottom leafs that are turning yellow, correct?
    If so, is starting at the tipp, then the rest of the leaf fades into yellow?
    If thats the case then ist a N defiancy. Can be caused buy ph like mentioned above, or developed roots.
    Had the same problem, solved it by adding fert. some indicas seem to need quite allot food

    Edit: ITs the PH !
    7 is in my exp. to high. You should go for 6.0 in VEg and rise that to 6.5 in flower (correct me if wrong but thats what i'm doing) but as N for example is best received by the plants at ~6,3
    Had the same probs with my NL in Veg week 3 just ad some fert. (gets the ph-down) and you should be fine
  9. The other plants are about a week behind this one the pot size is 2 gallons and it was transplanted from a smaller pot about a week ago
    yeah the 2 lowest leafs started turning yellow at the tip and the yellowness worked its way back right after i transplanted it.
    the two bottom leaves turning yellow dont really have me to worried its the lighter green that is developing on the points of each leaf that has me concerned
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    ph is supposed to be between 5.5 and 6.5 btw. not 7.0 like you think. get some ph up and use that.

    woot 100th post woot! lol
  11. Do you think a good dose of fertilizer will work to lower the ph? or should i use some vinegar or lime juice mixed with water to lower it?
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    I'd say fert. ! Go for around 6 u'll Be fine
    Yellowing Leaves starting at the Bottom, working its Way up is N-defiancy As far As i Know (thats what my book says).
    If the rest of the plantz i's 2w behind, i would sllowly Start giving fert. during the Next days so These plantz won't Start Looking the Same...
    Don't Start at Full Dosis though. This Way your solving both Probs at the Same Time
    Keep growing

  13. I shoot for between 6.0-6.8 in soil, 5.5-6.2 in hydro.If your ph is too high it has enough fert. it just can't use it.Get your runoff PH down to 6.0-6.5 and it will take care of it.

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