One of my plants has only 3 leaves..mutation?

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  1. check this out, one of my plants only has 3 leaves per set. Its obvious that its a female, just thought it was kinda strange.


  2. i have a 8 foot plant that has three left leaves too

    it alright it dont hurt them
  3. Thats pretty crazy. There was a farm house the got busted with a grow op. in a barn not too far from my area. The paper reported 89 or more plants that had "mutated" genetics and were all in flowering stage. All of the plants only had three leave sets. Is yours a bag seed grow or did you get them from a breeder?
  4. It could be a ruderalis trait.
  5. The fact you had one plant with 3 blades to a leaf is probably just a generational mutation and will not persist in the next generation, the grow op full on mutations however was probably due to a large scale operation involving colchiline or however you spell it, a chemical extracted from saffron i believe to induce mutations in the plants, generally first generation plants are not harvested for thc but rfather breeding stock to bring out traits like larger buds and such then breeding with another untreated plant to produce a genetically superior hybrid. It should be noted colchiline is highly toxic and that 1 in every few thousand mutations is a positive one and the rest are generally bad mutations.
  6. haha hopefully it isnt toxic. I just think its pretty cool. This is my second year growing, and this is the only time I have seen this happen with me. And it was a bagseed. its also a tiny plant probably only 2 feet high. Hopefully ill get at least an ounce off it! It rained all summer :(
  7. I believe the term for this is "whorled phyllotaxy", some people call this trait "Cotyledon" meaning seedling leaf.

    I have found in to be most common in first generation hybrids. I have a first generation NYSD x Purps that has this trait. The thing is bushy as hell and the buds look great, really frosty. I'll try to get a picture up.
  8. you'll get ridiculously thick stems.... but with ridiculously dense potent frosty MJ/// this happend to me this year with one of my GDP clones..... shes short hella bushy and the nugs on her are frosty and dense
  9. How long till you harvest?
  10. i also have a 3 leaves mutant/short also
  11. I harvest mid-end october.
  12. Theres nothing wrong with that my Sativa was full of 3 leafers.

    from my understanding the plant starts growing leaves with less fingers closest to the buds
  13. i have a 6 inch plant that doesnt have any leaves with more than 3 on them, most are just 1 and 2 though
  14. i guess it's not too uncommon, I got one too. Doesn't seem to matter though as my mutated one's buds look just as good if not better than it's sibbling clone.
  15. Um, yeah, the closer your plant gets to harvest, the fewer number of fingers the plant makes. Has nothing to do with the strain. All strains do this to one degree or another.
  16. Great question. I have several plants that have just one, two or three segments. They are 3rd generation clones of hybrids. Glad to see in the responses that it's nothing to worry about. (didn't use any toxic mutation generating chemicals; it just happpened.)
    I wonder if the rooting hormone has anything to do with it.

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