one of my old stoner stories from school lol

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  1. Ok well it was a time when i was just getting done from being suspended and they changed my schedualed alot well it was my first day back and they switched around my second period and my 7th period so now i had math for 2nd and my english class for 7th. well anyways i just get out of math class and i'm used to going into my math teachers class so i just go in there and set down like usual i'm all doing my work and such when i ask a fellow class mate if this is history or english and he said english but i still pay no mind to it and keep going. well our periods are about 57 mins long so when it was about 50 mins in i ask the teacher if i'm supposed to be in this class and she says idk and we go ask my other teacher. so we find out lol that i have been sitting in the wrong class for about 50 mins and no one noticed lol and my teachers were all tellling me its that funny grass i've been smoking lol it was fucking funny.
  2. Are you sure that isn't a story from the other day? Sounds like your still in high school buddy.

  3. Even if he is, so what? Most people are 18 sometime in highschool. Some people even turn 19 in highschool...
  4. "post things worth sharing that don't need a whole thread"

    ^^^^^There's a thread for that^^^^^

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