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One of my first experiences with edibles

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by DasBooze, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. I just bought 2 treats from a buddy of mine who made them up in Seattle. I've only had edibles a few times, once when I went to Hempstalk, once when I got a brownie from a friend, and once when I got some cake from that same friend. Only problem is, I don't recall if they actually got me that high. The first time, when I was at hempstalk, I split a brownie with my friend just to give it a try. It was delicious, but I when I ate it I was already pretty stoned. I then proceeded to eat 3 more, and lemme tell you I was soo stoned that day that I don't even know how I got home. But on top of the treats, I smoked a lot so it's hard to tell. The second time, I split it with 2 other people and was high already when I ate it, so again, it's hard to tell. Aaaand the time with the cake was the same scenario, except I didn't share it.

    Anyways, so the stuff I have right now is some carmel, just plain candy carmel made with cannabutter. My friend said it was great, but obviously they are gonna hype up their own product. He says he sold a lot to a dispensary (he's got his MM card) and I take it they would have to be good for them to buy it. But, my friend is full of shit half the time, so I don't really know. What I'm wondering is, how long will it take for the effects to kick in and what am I to expect? He claims he felt drunk, and that's it's an intense body high. Seeing as how this is the Incredible, Edible Herb thread, I'm sure you guys have plenty of experience with these delicious treats and any input would be appreciated. I am about to eat it right meow. Wish me luck!:D
  2. It will kick anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half usually, and I disagree that it feel like being drunk, it feels mostly like being high normally but mire enganced or cleaner feeling, it's hard to explain, tell us how it goes
  3. Alright so I ate it, and it was SCRUMPTIOUS! :D
    Tastes just like regular carmel, with a hint of weed! Maybe a little moar than a hint, it was almost a strong flavor. It was a little warm because it was in my backpack, but it was chewy and tasty. I wasn't sure if it would help anything, but I sucked on it a little bit before I chewed it up. Will post details when I start to feel the effects!
  4. I tried edibles a few weeks ago, I used a gram (maybe slightly less) of dank and made oil in the oven. I have never been that high in my life, its like being stoned for the first time again but stronger and lasts alot longer. For me it wasn't just a body high it was pretty trippy (not like unmentionables but trippier than any weed I've smoked) but there was a strong body high. After the first time I liked it so much I made another 3 days later and then another a few days later again and surprisingly they weren't and any weaker but edibles do give you a big tolerance for smoking.
  5. You can make oil with just a gram? :O
    I might have to give that a try sometime. What did you make with the oil?
  6. Seems simple enough! I think I'll give it a shot next time I purchase any marijuana :D

    After all, with just a gram you can't go wrong. Would this be enough to split between two people, or would I need a whole serving to myself? Keeping in mind that I have a slightly high tolerance :p
  7. I would recommend eating the whole thing yourself if you have a high tolerance, you wont regret it :). The good thing about the oil is you can mix it with pretty much anything.

    are you feeling the caramel yet?
  8. It's been almost an hour now, and if the effects are kickin in it's not very noticeable. I'm not feeling anything really, although I did notice my pain has gone away a bit. I'll keep you posted, maybe it'll hit me hard pretty soon :p

    And yeah that sounds like the best thing to do, if anything I'll just make two batches. I'm actually kinda excited to try that, the way you put it makes it sound great!
  9. Edibles can take up 3 hours to hit you, once when I did it it took 2 hours but it wasn't that strong. I've found that the stonger they are the quicker they hit you (I dont know how true this is but for me its always like this for me) the strongest one started to hit me in 20 minutes and that was the one I was writing about before.

    If you have a really high tolerance you could make 2 batches eat one and then the other if you dont feel much after about 2 hours
  10. I don't think it's THAT high that I'd need two to myself. But I'd bet they are pretty potent. What sort of things would be good to put the oil on? I can't really think of anything that I eat that I put oil on :p

    Well I guess I'll just wait it out an hour more, see what becomes of it. I'm hoping it gets me high though, because I've got a long night ahead of me!

    You said that recipe got you that "first time high" feeling, would you consider yourself to have a high tolerance? Or are you a weekend smoker type of guy?
  11. I smoke most nights but I still dont need much to get high, I never really gain much tolerance when everyone else I smoke with gets it really quick. I would say I have a low to medium tolerance.

    Just to put a quick warning to other people who are reading the post about the oil if you know you dont need much when smoking I wouldn't put a gram in because I was dry reaching at one point, im pretty sure I was close to greening out but it wasnt uncomfortable because I was so high
  12. WOW it really got you THAT stoned? :O

    I gotta try this shit. I haven't been that high in a long time
  13. Oh and about what to put it on, do you have the noodles called mi goreng? The ones where the put the different flavouring and sauses on after cooking it, cause thats what I added it on after the flavouring so I couldn't taste it because the oil does taste bad
  14. So regarding that recipe, I noticed someone asked but the question was never answered, do you wait until the oven is preheated to 350 or do you just throw it in right away and start the time?
  15. Hmm, I've never even heard of those noodles before, but I think I might just try making a milkshake like some other people mentioned. I assume it is as simple as just mixing the oil in with everything else, but do you know if there would be anything more to it?
  16. Wait till the oven is preheated, and make sure you cover it with tinfoil or it will burn and ruin it
  17. You just mix it in its as simple as that
  18. Remember: THC burns at 300 degrees, it only needs a degree of 220 to decarboxylate. Try not to expose THC to heat above 300 degrees for very long if you don't have to.

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