One of my favorite bands lead singers, pled guilty to being a pedo

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  1. Lostprophets lead singer ian watkins, pled guilty to the charges against him. They had already broken up in october, so i knew something was up. Honestly though, while it doesn't change the quality of the music, it does change what i think of when i listen to it. I would like to seperate the actions of this man from his music, but i really dont see that happening. Its a shame, there were some damn good songs. 
    Anyways thoughts? comments?

  2. Yeah what do you expect they named their band lost prophets. I think the bigger news is that we accept these people as artists hahaha 
  3. i think hes a kinky bastard
  4. Well man if I stopped listening to music because of what muscians did then I would probably lose like 90% of my favorite artist. I mean James brown used to beat women.

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  5. I've never really been a fan of them but my girlfriend is and we were speaking about this the other day. I was actually shocked when she said she would still go and see them in concert (not that there will be any).

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  6. They were a good band but man this shows how fucked in the head celebrates are.
  7. It isn't too hard to disconnect a band from their actions or lyrical themes. I do it all the time with NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal), and despite the fact that the bands in this sub-genre all adhere to Nazi beliefs I don't really give a rats ass what they believe lol. I like it because the music kicks ass! Now I am sure that the band you speak of is much different than any form of black metal, but regardless... if you truly like the music you will find a way to not give a fuck about their vocalists misadventures with children. Now granted I am a musician and that makes the whole disconnect thing 100x easier due to the variety of different stuff that I couldn't stand or had opposing views towards but still had to play/sing while feigning interest.
  8. Ive been following this flr a long time sinve it came out around Tim Lambesis trial began and this was overshadowed by Tim which is rediculous. This guy has plead guilty to raping a damn 11 month old child. Thats fucked up. HMV actually refuses to sell their albums now aswell as many other music stores, not sure about itunes though.
    I think your ..... weird...  :bongin:
    Lost Prophet's lead singer wanted to blow crystal meth into a babies face and then rape it..... Crystal Meth....
  11. This just further shows the degree of how fucked up he is.

    I dunno about seperating the musician from the music. If i liked there music this probably wouldnt stop me from listening to them but at the same time i think it was a good move on HMVs part to pull their stuff off the shelves
    Why wouldn't it stop you from listening to it?.... I love Netsky the Drum & Bass Artist but if i found out he was pedophile that liked to abuse little boys and girls then I would stop listening to him. 
  13. Words cannot explain what I feel about this. My opinion? He deserves to die, as surely as he's ruined this poor baby's life.

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    Screwed up thought is that he's probably still going to masturbate to little babies while he's in prison. I hear in Malaysia they cut off someones hand for stealing, well maybe they should castrate people like this for abusing little children.   
  15. I could go into a super detailed rant about what should happen, but that may not go so well so I'll refrain, castration is an excellent start though.

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  16. I hate pedophiles

  17. Pedophiles that are found guilty should be sodomised by stud horses. See how they like!!

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    It takes a lot to shock me, but that was pretty fucked up  :eek: Hope the 'mothers' involved get the punishment they deserve as well.
    Most musicians aren't exactly saints, but I could definitely see how something like this could affect your reception of their music. Not an issue on this band personally :p You hear the music but your subconscious mind likely jumps to pedophilia by association.
  19. Who the hell blows crystal meth into a childs face, and says that he is trying to train them to take drugs....I just dont understand how someone can be that fucked up in the head. Not to mention the 11 month old baby, i mean really the baby turns you on? If someone ever did any of the things that he did to my child, death wouldn't be enough. Stupid people man, they destroy the world slowly and painfully. Also those mothers wtf were they thinking. 

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