One of my best homemade far :)

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    bowl pulls out like real bong. ashcatcher is detachable. frosted outside. ashcatcher is optional and bowl can be put in downstem.


    future plans: screw on tube/ice catcher, diffused downstem and ashcatcher

    i have a question, if i add holes in the stems so its diffused will it actually do what a diffuser is supposed to do because the big hole at the bottom of the stem will still be there

  2. I like it. I still prefer glass to homemades, but this is pretty amazing.

  3. yeah i agree, but im still saving to get a nice piece and my other pieces are boring lol, so i just made this to kill time and have something new :)
  4. Thats cool man, good job!

  5. Fuck bro, I made homemade bongs for over a year when me and my buddy starting blazing and i never made anything even close to that. That is fucking impressive. I still say invest in a nice glass bong, itll treat you way better than any ghetto bong, but for the circumstances.....damn
  6. give us a pic of it chalked!!!

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