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One Of My Babies

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bubblegum_man20, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. So hows it look only 4 week old clone of some white strain dont know what just people like it for some reason, who knows good luck all
  2. forgot pic

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  3. It's getting green around here hehehe

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  4. the frist pic was from 2 weeks ago that pic was from last night and it is 2 week in to flowering and has grown almost 5" started flowering at 8" so i think this thing is going crazy it has 20-30 little tops and growing like mad good luck all my web cam doesn't do this plant justice
  5. Looks like a Indica sativa cross.

  6. i wish it had a name but all i know is its white mixed with something starting to stink already wish the buds where popping out but just alot of preflowers,,,,good luck
  7. here we go some more pics ,,,1 month into flowering and about 2-2 1/2 month old total alot of small buds still have 1 1/2 months of flowering to go let me know what you think ,,,,,,,grown under 100watt mh veg and 400mh flowering with agrosun bulb good luck all!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY ABOUT PICS MY WEB CAM SUCKS

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  8. top view

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  9. 1 month? what monstrous growth! i like the picture with the fan leaf going towards the lens, nice :)
  10. looked at the plant today and i can see the thc "glands" have started all around the leaves closest to the buds also starting to see some dark brown spots on the sucker leaves probaly from over fert or maybe they need a good flushing dont think i going to use any more ferts ,,,,because i want good weed with the best taste possible but those little white bubbles on the leaves got me going crazy i dont want to wait but i'm shure alot of you'all where the same way at this point in the game anyways ,,,,,,not as good as WOODY or SIDIUOS but it gona have to do ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,good luck all
  11. I have a plant about the same size as the last pic of yours growing outside in a pot. Nice and bushy. How much do you plan to get off a plant that size? I got one and I wonder what it will produce. Mine is white widow and it looks just like that.
  12. dont know still have around 6 weeks to go

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