one night that sucked (kinda long read)

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    okay so im pretty sad right now. yesterday was one of my friends birthday, so i thought i get him like 2g and we smoke that up that night, go to drink some cold beers, have fun, chill, etc. we bought the pot, i wanted to roll outside and.. fucking wind blew it on the desk or whatever.. i got pretty angry because it looked like that it had water all over on it.. somehow i gathered most of the pieces but thought it wont burn because of the water. now here comes the twist: some guys came up to us if we wanted to change like 0,4 to speed. i said no, because 1st: i never tried speed, not because i couldnt get any (i have some amazing dealers, very good stuff of everything starting from weed, through lsd to cocaine) , but i just dont want to try it out. i like to take stuff that slows me, so i can just chill with friends, laugh our ass out etc. btw they noticed that it WASNT WATER IT WAS OIL. but not the cooking oil, it was the one used in cars and other vehicles. first i was like: OH yeah it will burn better now and was making jokes about that with the new faces (they sit down to us) when i saw that i was actually laying down on that fucking desk and all my new clothes got dirty + the weed, my phone, my food. so these new people wanted to toke with us but i thought itd be better if i go to one of my closer dealers and get some more pot for like $5, because for once: thats dry, and secondly the wind blew off some of the previously bought stuff. one of the guys gave me his phone number that if i get dry i can call him up, he usually has great stuff for $10 / g which is kinda nice. so we started walking, called my closest dealer who was sleeping and didnt pick up the phone, i called his younger brother (who lives with him) and he said he is going home right now, hell send me a text if his brother is away or awake cause if not, the room full of pot is locked down. anyways i said lets get going because i was hoping that well get some luck here, but NO. fucking no. at the end: i had some rolling papers and a kingpin blunt wrap (The Don, peachy pussy taste) which was like SMASHED in the box (it was original).. now i got raged and threw away all the pot, smoked like 90 cigs cause id have gone insane without that (anger issues..). so, it was a fucked up night, my friends birthday gone shit, we walked through the city again and again (searching stuff, looking for friends, whatever). my leg hurts now, i dont feel like doing shit, i have no sweet m.j. around, and no money. super.
    BUT i got a new contact..
  2. What a horrible birthday.
  3. why would u roll a blunt outside if its windy...thats completely your fault....its like a rule to roll inside...rolling anything outside is asking for it
  4. wall of text

  5. im mostly smoking in the city, rolling my joints / blunts while walking. if i did it a tons of times before.. i thought ill be able to do it again. it wasnt windy when i bought the stuff, everything was sunny and nice before, when we sit down everything turned. i told my friend that we should get going but he really wanted that green. oh and i never had any weed what smelled like this before. it was some killer stuff. btw as i said, i could NOT have rolled that blunt anywhere, because the wrap was fucked up before i pulled it out. plus the oil everywhere... so yeah, horrible birthday. ah anyways, ill just try to forget this and ill roll some js tomorrow for him.

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