One Night Stand

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  1. Met this girl, in which my wing helped out. She was a virgin and aching to lose her virginity. So this glamerous position i was in, of course i tried fucking her. She was tooo tight. or im tooo big cuz my dick wouldnt fit in her. i could barely fit 2 fingers in her. anyways, i got like half my cock in her, tried fucking her for like 5 minutes and the whole situatino turned me off so i said fuck it, grabbed her head and lead her to my cock for a blow. We turn the lights on, theres blood everywhere. She says, oh its not my period, im a virgin. LOL okay sweet no wonder u were so fucking tight.

    i was honored
    i was disgusted.
    i through the pillow and sheets away the next day.
    one night stand right?
    no. she txts me today
    i guess we are gunna go to the movies
    i dont like this girl
    is it wrong to use her for sex? i wanna fuck that tight pussy again , she was soo tight and i imagine if i loosen her up, the sex could potentially be amazing lol .... whatta u all think?
  2. is she hot? If so just go for it and if shes not be nice to her and let her down easy. Be honored a girl let you take her virginity, and make that pussy stretch~
  3. I think you're screwed.

    You better hope you like the girl because you're in a relationship now, whether you like it or not.

    Ask yourself: how did she make it to her present age without losing her virginity? Ask yourself which is more likely, did she:

    A) Experience a series of meaningful relationships with men who simply never wanted to have sex with her (remember, she wanted to lose it, so it would have to be the MEN who didn't want sex).


    B) Never experience a meaningful relationship ever and therefore want one as much as/even more than she wanted to lose her virginity.

    I foresee a terrible future where your attempts to break reality to her gently inevitably result in a stream of hateful/insulting texts/phonecalls ultimately terminating in a *hopefully* short period of stalkerism.

    In short: right or wrong, mother nature has perfected the ultimate punishment for guys who use girls for sex.
  4. okay completely different note: if a girl says your dating but doesnt say you're her boyfriend, you cant technically cheat on her right? Or can you date someone without being bf and gf and still cheat on ur date... lol trying to clarify my player status
  5. oh and as for this girl with the one night stand, i think she jsutt never got around to it. She goes to an all girls college and is a 21 y/o senior.... she came to my university basicaly looking for someone who appeared half way descent with her friends in which they had to "approve": me before letting her decide who to lose it to....


    she lied about her virgin status and is juss supper tight cuz she hasnt ben nailed for a whlie... she was def hurtin when i was tryin to pound her, i was pretty merciless lol and drunk
  6. Address the situation with your penis...your mind needs to relax after seeing so much blood. :(
  7. well dude i would fuck her again... i mean she obviously wants to fuck you man so why not go for it?
  8. Id say get at her again, but remember something about one night stands. It fucking SUCKS when it happens to you
  9. loosen her up with some foreplay dawg

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