One nation rally leaves the capital TRASHED

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Dronetek, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Quite a difference from the Beck crowd.

    [ame=]YouTube - Socialists trash Washington DC[/ame]
  2. Did you go and do an expose Drone ?:)
  3. fuck democrats and republicans. they can hold all the rallies they want, but its not hiding the fact that they are both parasites.
  4. Thanks, this was very relevant.
  5. These are the people that wag their fingers at the rest of us about keeping the environment clean. They cant even clean up after themselves or put trash in a trash can. Beck's audience is supposed to be knuckle dragging, earth, hating heathens and yet they (in much larger numbers) had no problems keeping the capital clean.

    The fact is BOTH didn't trash the capital. One side can clean up after themselves and the other leaves the mess for someone else.
  6. They're only viewed as that by the MSNBC crowd. Yes, this group that happened to be more socialist did leave the capital trashed. But it's irrelevant, that just means that some of the people who were there didn't clean up after themselves. If you take a viewpoint or perspective on all socialists because of this clip, then somethings wrong.
  7. It makes sense that the self-entitled progressives would leave the mess for someone else, but I don't trust Breitbart anymore.

    Anyways, this is a pic I made after the 9/12 event last year which is similar:

  8. Give me a good reason why I should trust a Breitbart clip.

  9. This.

    Aye, I read in the latest Gallup Poll that during most political rallies, registered Democratic electorates are more likely to wipe their noses on their sleeves after they sneeze, versus Republican electorates who solely use tissues.


  10. No need, there are tons of videos and pictures.
  11. Give me one good reason why I should trust [anything/anyone related to Politics today]

    Sorry, just had to point out the obvious, especially after finding the word "trust" in a Political thread. Next thing you know, someones gonna whip out "Loyalty" and "Honesty"...:rolleyes:
  12. The street people here who pick up cans and bottles for recycling would've had that place clean in 10 seconds.
  13. People should pick up their trash...damn

    It's not that hard to hold onto it till you find a trash can
  14. No your so wrong. We have taxes and the government to do those "hard" things like picking up our trash for us.:rolleyes:

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