One Man's Freedom Fighter... (Video 4 R_M)

Discussion in 'General' started by Nexis, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. haha for me? what?

    Wow, that man really well informed.

    It really tells you something when a guest speaker is more informed and aware than the new anchor.

    They need to invite me onto CNN International.

    Rep + for this video. That man should be given a pulitzer.

    What he didnt mention is that Hezbollah is a DIRECT result of the 1981 invasion of lebanon.

    "You're such a silly person!"
  2. Haha thanks. He was totally verbally belittling her and she just sat back and took it cause she didnt know wtf to say. holla
  3. Great find man, this guys knows his shit..Put her in her place.

    RASTA! watchin the Game?

    "one mans terrosit, is another man's freedom fighter!"

  4. This really helped enlightened me. I really did not know everything going on over there. And why there was a war. I usually watch the news. But ive been real busy lately.
  5. its a sad sad situation over there. Its better to be educated. I think the last line summed everything up perfectly, because it relates so much to typically how americans think, it was something like "Is israeli blood more valuable than lebanese blood?". Alot of people are so gung ho about going to war, but really aren't seeing things 3 dimensionally. Its not all fun and games.
  6. i thought it was a good enough find for a bump

    <3 my brothas
  7. I concur.
  8. George Galloway, talks like this a lot in UK politics (common sense to me) but is riduculed alot. The fact he appeared on celebrity big brother had a lot to do with

    I also wonder how many more people now call for the complete destruction of Israel, since its actions over the past month.

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