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One Major hit...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2e3t4y5u, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. So ive been clean the last 2 weeks because im most likely gonna get drug tested soon... If I only took one medium to big hit on a blunt do you think it will be noticed on a drug test 1 week from now? what about 2 weeks from now?
  2. I doubt it but it all depends on how big you are and probably how much is already in you.
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  4. just keeo working out and you should most likely be fine. then again if you take my advice and fail dont blame me
  5. Every time I see one of these threads I laugh harder then the last time. Don't burn you goofball.

  6. yeah it is pretty ridicilous when i see:
    "have a drug test tomorrow. If i take only 1 bong hit do you think it will show up?"
    or if the title is anything like:
    "on probation, is smoking worth it?"
  7. Drug test questions are overdone now it fills me with rage to see them

  8. this is along the lines. we cant tell you if will or will not pass. if you dont want to think about it dont take the hit. if you do then just exersize daily and drink lots of water every day
  9. yo it wasnt a how to pass, ive seen enough of those. I was just asking if it would show up. -_-

  10. yes. the answer is yes. if you are cool with failing, smoke weed. if you want to pass, don't smoke weed.

  11. how could we ever tell you if it will show up?

    ------------ ______ --------------
  12. No. You'll die.
  13. i think when it comes to these questions people think black, grey, white. If your serious about passing the test, then think black and white, if i smoke i fail if i dont i pass, then no matter what, youll pass (duh) when you starting looking for grey areas (if i smoke a little, space out smokin etc..) thats when your taking a risk that isnt worth getting high that one time. Yes i guess it does depend on what the drug test is for. My 1.7959 cents
  14. If you stay away from weed for the rest of the week, and you keep up the cardio, and stay away from fatty foods, and eat mostly fresh veggies and fruits, you should be super fine. I read somewhere that a single session can stay in a clean persons system for only three days. And then it keeps escalating with the higher frequencies of smoking.

    Just some trivia: I passed a drug test one time after eating a huge pot brownie two weeks before. I would have assumed the thc would have stayed in me longer since I ate it.

  15. Alright thanks, that makes me feel a little better eapecially cuz that says session, when I only took one hit.

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