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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Dr Jammin, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. lately i have been thinking and i have realized that the point of our existence, our ultimate goal as humans is to develop unconditional love, or in other words to basically see the beauty in every single person we meet, and love them. i think that the ultimate measure of how good of a human being someone is is how many people they love versus how many people they dislike or hate. its basically what the bible was saying when it said that you should love everyone including those who do you wrong. thats my theory. the meaning of life: simply to love everyone.

    anyone else understand what im talking about?
    anyone else thought of this kind of philosophy?
  2. sure.

    I dont know about love.
    respect and friendship is how i will put it
    enemys are just a flaw in humanity a problem that can be fixed and if someone treats me with disrespect I just tell them how much of a fool they are.
  3. the horn in my car doesnt work and that pisses me off :D
  4. i've never really thought about it quite like that.

    but by that philosophy, i'm doing pretty damn good.
  5. shit, im in for it...

    i hate everyone... well, not everyone. But i tend to be the opposite of most people. when i meet someone new, i tend to not like them untill the prove themselves too me, instead of liking them untill they do something bad.

    i still give them a chance, but i dunno.. ive done it since i was a kid. not a good habit, but whatever. I dont like having alot of friends, and I LOVE having people not like me, especially when i dont know them.

    Theres a hole gang of guys in the next town that totally hate me for one reason or another, I know one of there names.... but they all know me by First and Last, dont know what i did... but I love it :D

    Loves a hard thing for me. I always get dicked around by those that i love, and i never seems they love me back...
  6. i think when people act stupid, you can always remember, the only reason they act that way is because of a combination of bad genetics and/or bad upbringing, and its not like they chose their parents, so if anything i should just feel bad for them. when i picture it that way, i see beauty in just about everyone, especially if im high.

  7. i do dig.
  8. It's all good if you still have a middle finger :D
  9. sigh... nevermind

    you poor lost souls.
  10. sometimes though, there is a biological need to get out some of that negativity, hatred or agression.
  11. I've been thinking this for quite a while. If everyone loved everyone else, the world would be perfect again.
  12. Well, what if somebody were to come into your house and kill your family or something absolutely terrible like that, how could you not be mad? I wan to learn to love everybody because I think it would make my life a lot more enjoyable and fulfilling. Thanks!

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