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  1. What up gc I finally got a bong!
    I've been workin with my cousin, so when i got payed last week i decided it was time to finally buy a bong.
    I went to a headshop here in Loveland called One Love. I knew I wanted a perc, and hopefully and icecatcher. Ideally I wanted just a straight tube one but the only straigh tubes with percs were more than i wanted to spend. My friend pointed out a nice one though, it says One Love in frosted glass, had a perc and a nice lookin bowl with a icecatcher and a diffused downstem.
    It had no price tag, I asked how much it was and she said it was new so they didn't know yet, she checked n it was only 124 before tax.
    Ill put a milkshot up once it sends to my email.

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  2. heres the fuckin ashcatcher i got for it. just a cheap 37 dollar ashcatcher

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  3. Yay! Is it everything you hoped it would be?? :)
  4. Damn 124 is a steal, good deal.

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