One Little Kush, 38.5 parallel and recommendations requested

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    New to the forum. Great place.

    This little plant was given to me about two weeks ago. Has been flowering for a while, lived outdoors in this pot and I am the third proud owner (med grower gift). I am doing mollases and light nutes at this point.

    It is about 19 inches tall and, as I read about Master Kush, about full grown.

    I live in sunny dry climate and want to grow a few MK's outdoors in my yard next year. PLUS, I was thinking of a Barneys LSD. I like the sativa/indica strains for the med use. I am a med grower for my own consumption, which isn't really much.

    Any feedback on the strain choices for next year would be appreciated. Again, from seed to flowering to harvesting will all be outdoor. Very protected yard situation. Plus, I can legally do it!!

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  2. im in norcal also....hindu kush thrives up here.... i have a friend that just harvested about 4 1/2-5 lbs per plant of hindu kush.... purples grow great too... i did two GDP and theyre also done.... they look like some good herbage.....

    a word of advice the more direct sun you get the bigger the plant and buds....

    also grow in bigger containers.... i grow if in 20-30 gallon containers.... bigger plants.... bigger stalks....'

    ... if doing outdoors use:
    fox farm Ocean Forest Soil
    FoxFarm Grow big, Big Bloom, Tiger bloom ferts....(theyre heavenly)
  3. lookin' good. i would say if the soil is nice and airy give her a full shooter or two. keep with the mollas. even through flush. she still has some weeks left in her. also i noticed with master kush that you cant harvest by her calyx size or pistol hairs being all ripe, wait till the tric's are amber let her ferment for a few days like that. you will thank me later. MACKdelta9
  4. oh wow, that looks like my plant, except mine is 6 inches, nugs look the same though, check it out.

    good luck!
  5. Thanks for the fast response. So, if I want to keep them short and bushy-seems smaller pots are in order. I want only four feet or less height. Thanks for the nute and soil recommendation as well. Go Little Kush!!
  6. I did scope her and all her trichomes are crystal clear at this time.
  7. No Problemo. smaller pots can work to stunt plants roots causing growth to slow a little(depends on strain mostly though, indicas are beter). it takes longer to resume after transplant but works. also bending, cutting/topping, and tie downs can help lower profile and stay nice and bushy. topping causes energy and hormone production to disperse to other parts of the plant such as lower branches. leaving sucker branches on and cutting off all main colas early flower are a sacrifice of yield but return the favor of nice low profile bushes. an old hippie grower i met in norcal told me once " let them grow the way they want to just improvise what way". Peace, MackDELTA9:smoke:

  8. dont you want a really good root system for good buds though? not a constricted one like a small pot would do

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