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  1. i did not do my research and bought a 100 watt thinking it was a 500W. i bought a phlizon and its been working 18/6 for two months and have not had a problem also had a no name brand 100 watt that works well also, have a 4x4 tent set up with oscillating fan and carbon filter exhaust. i can buy one 500 watt for about 3 bills, are three more 100 phlizon for leaning torward have 5 lights, what is anyone thoughts on this..thanks..
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    I assemble my own lighting using HLG components
    A buck per watt is average cost .

    LED Required lighting is very close to 35 watts per square foot.
    I would try to use samsung LEDs or diodes .
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  3. I had an old 4x4 tent section I would stuff with my older, smaller lights (like 100W draw or less).

    It absolutely works to grow bud, provided you get the light intensity on the canopy right between the multiple lights. (plus all the other stuff you need to do like water etc.)

    That being said, one of the first things I upgrade when I can afford is bigger lights, less cords, less intensity dials to mess with, less output calculations imo, plus it looks a lot cleaner (and much higher output as well).
    For me, it was worth the extra cash to just have one large light to fool with instead of 4-5 in that tent section. Potential downsides I can see is with multiple lights, if one craps out its not nearly as big a deal as if you lose your only main light in a grow area.

    At the end of the day, the plants don't care that much about where the photons come from (1 light or 100) so long as they are getting enough photons, (but not too many), and in the proper PAR wavelengths and ratios, which most commercial grow lights are typically balanced for.

    Best of luck mate!
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  4. like many here get yaself some storage space as no one told me the amount of crap that builds up ....with our
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