One Life to Live (pothead challenge)

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    I am an 18 year old straight male so I definitely don't fit in the soap opera demographic. However, I watch One Life to Live religiously. It has come on EVERY weekDAY since 1968. It has had over 11,000 episodes. One of the characters, Viki, has been on since the first episode! And now, ABC is ending it in January. Fuck them. They have no idea whats good for them. The funny thing is, when I started watching it, I just watched it because it appeared to be the most hilarious, typical, almost parody of a soap opera (two of the characters, Viki and Jessica, have Dissociative Identity Disorder- meaning they have multiple personalities). But now that I have watched it every day for almost a year, I know all the characters and have totally become addicted. Its also amazing to watch blazed btw.

    It comes on every weekday at 1 PM central time. I challenge you fellow stoners to watch it (high) for 1 month and by June 13, it will be just as much a part of your life as smoking! Maybe not as much but you get my point.

    Here's a little hilarious clip

    OLTL clip

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