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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sinori007, Jan 31, 2002.

  1. Hi, I am planning on purchasing a 400 watt metal hallide bulb to grow indoors (vegetative state. I will use 400 watt HPS light during flowering stage). I am planning on growing about 2~3 plants with mylar. Do u think this is enough light for me? Oh and can I use a ordinary lamp for these bulbs or do they have special light thingies that I need to buy to use them? Please reply fast for I am eager to make my plants grow. BTW, they're blueberry's
  2. Do you mean that you are going to purchase the bulb alone and then try to use it in an ordinary light fixture? If so, I ahte to tel you this but it won't work. The bulbs need the light fixture and ballast manufactured for it.
  3. Ok so I will have to get a fixture for double the price of the bulb. I am looking at the home depot site but I can't seem to find the "ballasts" that supports a 400 watt Metal Halide or HPS bulb. Can soneone help me? And will I need different types of fixtures for both the metal hallide and the HPS bulbs? I really need to know so please reply. Oh and 1 very very last thing. Damn, I sent cash to seedsdircect through the Fex-Ex global priority mail. Do you think they would act like they didn't get it (I won't have evidence that they received it) or do u think that they would send me the seeds for sure? And how will they not get caught if they send by mail, don't the post offices check for organic material sent by mail? Damn I am stressing so relieve it for me. Thanks in advanced.
  4. seedsdirect is a very reputable company that ha always delivered in the past. Their shipment to you is very stealthy, so when you get it, you may think they didn't send you anything but an empty box. be patient and thoroughly search your package where 15 beans could be hiding.

    As for lights, the cheapest source for lights I found was a company linked at yahooka called Indoorsun products. go to thier goods and services section, click on grow supplies, and then click on lights. You can pick up a refurbished 400W HPS
    light with 3 extra bulbs for around $150.00. It may not be too pretty to look at but it will get the job done, and its a reputable source.

    Hope this helps.

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