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One joint. Big high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Easy_Skanking, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. So I only have one joints worth of weed left in my stash. Fucking dealer went dry.

    So tell me GC. How can I get the best high out of my one joint? Bigger hits and holding it longer seem obvious, but are there any tips for a relatively new smoker?

    Meh, whilst I'm here I might as well ask something else. Does coughing with smoke in your lungs really make you higher?
  2. why not just smoke it in bong?
  3. Take nice hits and cough

  4. bigger hits, yes. Holding longer, while it's debatable by some, it has been scientifically proven that holding longer than 5 or 6 seconds is useless and harmful.
  5. I've always had better experience with a lot of small puffs in rapid succession. But it's what ever floats your boat i guess
  6. Also be sure that you're holding your joint with the cherry facing up. Having it down would cause it to burn more bud you're not smoking.
  7. Throw that shit in a bong/bowl... or hotbox...
  8. Take a huge lung full then inhale some of the smoke off the joint through your nose. Hold it 2-3 seconds, exhale through nose.

    If you're looking to maximize the effectiveness of the weed itself why not ditch the joint for something else? Pack snaps or gravity bong it.
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    if you've only got papers to smoke with, just roll your best joint ever.
    take your time and be careful. just don't get frustrated and rush, or it'll come out bad or just fall apart. just concentrate and chill out if some weed falls out the sides or anything.
    and make sure you break the weed up really good, so you can roll the joint more easily, and so it won't run and waste.
    and if you're that much of an amateur make a crutch so you don't make it all brown and sticky at the end.
  10. break down the joint down and hot knife it
  11. What I've always found gets me pretty good off one joint is to smoke half the joint, then just stick the rest into my pipe and smoke it. IDK why (maybe a lot of THC just condenses outta the smoke onto the weed in the roach or something) but that second half is pretty strong, so I just throw the rest of the roach weed into a bowl and it fucks me up pretty good.
  12. Sobe Waterfall

  13. you will get the most high by making a gravity bong.

    or make nutella firecrackers in chocolate chip cookies.

    Tippin for hours...
  14. take as big of hits as you can and hold it in for like 5 seconds. any longer is a waste cuz the joint is still burning while youre holding it in.
  15. blow your smoke into a balloon or bread bag and then breath it back in
  16. Drink orange juice right after you smoke, The vitamin C will get you higher. It wont get you all of a sudden completley baked but there is alittle difference. I hear there is a huge difference when you use OJ after shrooms or acid
  17. Create a vaporizer from a lightbulb. This is definitly your best option, because it doesn't use much weed at all and gets you higher than a joint.
  18. The vitamin C has nothing to do in getting you higher, and I know for shrooms its the acidity as people claim that lots of acidic drinks, (OJ, Cranberry, Lemon/Lime) intesnify their trips. The only thing I can recommend is get a bong/piece it will stretch your stash a lot better than joints.
  19. O, Ok. I knew it was somthing in it, It dosnt always seem to work as good as other times but its worth a try I guess haha
  20. I am convinced that coughing does get you higher for a bit, but not because of your lungs as most people say, but because the blood rushes to your head when you cough. If you cough with a headache you will know this to be true. This rush of blood brings more THC to your brain.

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