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one hitters and hash

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Renji Elric, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. i'm gonna buy a grinder with a kief screen soon. I was planning on compressing the kief into hash. I saw the cup method for hash, but i'd prefer a pipe or something. Since hash is so dense, it probably burns fast, so I wouldn't want to smoke it out of a regular pipe (right?)
    does smoking hash out of 1-hitters work well? i was thinking of getting a dugout system.
  2. i wouldnt put hash in the dug out...but just put it in the cigarette bat one hitter pipe by hand lol.
  3. I do the hot knives method. Works pretty well for me.
  4. id prlly load a bong bowl. and put some hash on top. honestly.
  5. Using the bat that comes with a dugout has worked great for me in the past for hashish. Pack it up and it'll last like 2-3 hits and if it's good stuff you'll be pretty baked.
  6. slater- i'd carry the hash in a baggie or something, not in the dugout.

    i'd be using this on the go (in the woods and stuff) so i don't want the hot knives thing.
  7. thanks :)
    so it'll last long enough to pass around a circle of 3 or so people?

    actually, i guess that'd be a triangle

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