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  1. I'm an mmj patient and usually smoke outdoors but lately with the temperature( I live in Arizona) I've been vaping inside, unfortunately this morning I broke my vaporizer and am waiting for replacement parts if I used a fan pointed out the window and blocked off the door with a towel would I be able to use a one hitter to medicate inside without the whole house reeking of pot and pissing my family off? Not hiding the fact that I smoke my family is fully aware of that fact, I just don't want to disrespect them while avoiding having to sit outside in 120 degree heat.
  2. I'd step out and check under my hood

    for a few minutes

    or perhaps install a chair outback under a tree

    just one outdoors toke

    all will be revealed

    good luck


    or make cookies
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  3. If a one hitter is all you need, just suck it up and deal with the heat for a minute.
    P.s. i lived in south florida for 22 years heat and humidity.
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  4. Yeah usually that's what I would do or rather go out and smoke while I help my grandparents with their garden and whatnot and that works in the morning but mid day when I need another toke it's just too damn hot as in I actually blistered my feet just walking outside which is where the vape really shines the smell doesn't linger and smells more like unburned weed which my family doesn't find offensive. That said if I need to I'll suck it up for a few days until my parts arrive.
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  5. A one hitter isn't all I need but generally they don't smell quite as much since you can clear them in one go instead of burning a gram in a bowl.
  6. 4 foot of 4" vent pipe with a 4" inline fan at one end pointing into the pipe put mesh inside 1' from the other end now take non-lighter fluid treated charcoal and fill 1' meshed off section halfway with charcoal then set out several (maybe 10)paper towels and lightly spritz them with essential oil of choice then lightly pack into the tube and put mesh over... spoof sit next to fan and blaze
  7. Makes sense essentially just a carbon scrubber then, looks like I may be hitting up the hardware store.
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