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One Hit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by guttmuncher, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. I recently was diagnosed with MS and have gotten my medical marijuana permit. I have never smoked weed before, but have been doing it now for about three weeks. Was wondering if it's normal to get really high off of one bong hit, or pipe hit? I usually just do one hit and I can barely walk straight...I do love the feeling and my pain is manageable but either I'm getting too high or I am doing something wrong. Also, is it normal to get very very tired after about 30 minutes? My face starts feeling numb and my mouth and eyes get very very dry. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem.
  2. na man your fine, your just a noobie. trust me, if you keep smoking, in like 3 months youll wish you could get high off 1 hit
  3. well im glad your smoking weeed and not eating those pills :)
    welcome to GC btw.
    well you'll build your tolerance up soon and it will take more than one hit to get ya.

    as far as being tired, and seeing that your in pain, your more than likely gettting indica strains.
    those are more medicinal buds,great for dealing with pain.

    next time you go pick some bud up ask for a goood, uplifting sativa strain and you'll feeel way different and better imo.
  4. mouth and eye dryness (redness of eyes) is extremely common, but i dont know about the face dumbness.

    it might just be that you have a euphoria rush

    and one hit quit is fine. i dont smoke much anymore and it only takes me 3 hits to be fucked
  5. You're fine brotha, you're just smoking really really good shit for your first times smoking ( which is definitely a good thing! ) You just have no tolerance now, and having little tolerance and smoking the kinds of buds you are, you are bound to get more tired than anything :p

    Also try different types of bud strains!

  6. You are just very new marijuana and since you are a mmj patient you most likely have access to strong strains of marijuana. When I first started smoking marijuana the dryness of my mouth surprised me too just always have some gum or a gatorade:D Also I would talk to the person you are buying from to see what kind of bud you are getting. If you get it from a dispensary the employees can probably recommend you a strain. Probably a sativa for you like jack herer or sour deisel? :smoking: The high might be more manageable for you
  7. I have heard that the weed I'm smoking is "good stuff" but around here there are no dispensaries so I get it from people who really know less than I do about diff strains of weed (just from what I've read) and I'm also trying to grow, but it is very difficult for me. Had 4 plants growing alright, and now a week later just one is standing.
  8. ah i see.
    well when bud rolls thru again, look for the hazes.
    like amnesia haze or nevilles haze, those are nice smokes that would help you out i think.

    the i know you said they dont know much about weed but do they know what strain it is?
    and how much are you being charged?
  9. i smoke you know a decent amount even now one hit can surprise me with a punch lol. dude its all good toke tht shit up man:D(not bregging at all just sayin one hit does get me stoned even one monster hit tho one to where i choke haha)
  10. Actually I've never paid for it. My sister also has MS and Rheumatoid Arthritis and has her permit. She's been smoking forever and she comes over and gives me lots of it every week. She says it's some of the best stuff she's ever done. But I asked her to ask her "guy" what strain it is and she says he don't even know what she's talking about. Also, I've had a friend who gave me some other stuff...was a way lighter green and didn't smell as good as the the stuff I have now. That stuff was probably the best though. Didn't make me tired or anything. But it could have been because of it being my first time.
  11. you should try edibles and tinctures too man : ) those are way good for MMJ patients because it has a very long lasting stone and generally is body oriented (head deals with clarity and exuberence, body deals with pain and muscle memory)

    I just made Green Dragon for the first time and two dropperfuls of that shit in some water hit me like a fucking wrecking ball.....
  12. Yeh you have no tolerance. You will build one soon enough. But if you want to build a tolerance over night make a gravity bong (do a search) and keep taking hits out of that until you don't think you can move haha that will get your tolerance up. Whats the worst that can happen? not like you can OD.

    Btw ignore all that haha i'm stoned.

    But your problem is that you do have a low tolerance depending on how much you smoke you will build one and eventual you will wish you could get as high as you are now. But a tolerance can be a good thing too. soon you will be able to smoke a few bowls and go out and do whatever you want and not even look high.

    And on a side note. Since i am like the only one in my group of friends with a tolerance because none of them smoke near as much as i do. but anyway i find it funny as shit how i can hang out with them we are all completely stoned and i am the only one sitting there normal haha but it sucks because none of them will ever go into the store to buy theire own goddamn food because "someone will notice" gah! you just gota remember no one thinks your stoned unless you give them a reason to.

    Ok yeh now i am done.

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