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One Hit Quit Bud -What's your opinion?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Justint999, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Well I've always wondered if there was a such thing as "One Hit Quit Bud" and I finally know what that means. Its not one hit and your stoned out of your mind its more that the bud no matter how dank it just makes you not want it for some reason. Ex. Makes you cough your brains out
    -Whats your Take on One Hit Quit Bud?
  2. I've had bud that made me stoned out of my mind in one hit but, I didn't quit toking that shit. I think it's just an expression to claim how good their weed is.
  3. I'd say it is something along the lines of hit it and quit hit..coughing attack...and good for it would take a bowl of some other stuff to get you just as high...idk just my opinion
  4. id say its bud that gets you high after 1 hit
  5. Yeah I got some of that now, one big rip and your good to go :p
  6. i used to smoke everyday for about 7 months then i went to hawaii for 3 weeks came back smoked a joint and got wayyyyyyy to high probably the highest anyone has ever been i was so high i cant even explain it to you and i got really bad anxiety now everytime i smoke weed i get really really high dont know why i have to stop smoking weed now...:mad:
  7. i dont like them i liek to sit down and enjoy my bowl
  8. Well normally every weed I smoke out of the bong (besides mids) gets me high. I think the term one-hit quit is either you take a hit and your ridiculously stoned, which happens fairly often :smoking:, or where you take one hit and you can't toke anymore after that one hit due to being high I suppose.
  9. Looking back at all the diff strains, and times ive smoked. Ive NEVER ever ever ever ever, had any weed (and ive had some good stuff) that has made me say "Im done" to the point where i felt too high to smoke more after 1 hit. Thats wut i consider a 1 hit quit bud. Now ive had bud that i start feelin it good on 1 hit but i always wanna finish the bowl.
  10. The kief I have right now is like 2 hitter quitter for me. Never had anything better
  11. One hitter quitter to me screams one thing: Northern Soul.

    Though I smoked that strain pretty early in my carrier, I was good after one hit from my spoon (and then proceeded to smoke a gram blunt of the shit :rolleyes: ) and haven't gotten a high that intense that quick again, even after T-breaks.
  12. #12 philly4life, Jun 3, 2009
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    never really had one hit weed. BHO thou, no doubt one hit shit. First time you smoke some of your own BHO is game changing. TRY IT!!!!

    EDIT: and even with a tolerance, a .4-.5 rip off a dome in a tube, game over!
  13. None so far, I just want to finish the whole BLUNT! :smoking::smoking::smoking::D
  14. It doesnt exist due to tolarance, and well.. come on now theres no weed that you can take one hit of and be so high you just cant smoke any more. That is what one hit quit refers to. Even if your a no tolarant smoker, I just do not think one hit will do the trick.
  15. Butane Hash oil? Or honey oil as I call it. Definitely gets you high on one toke one of the most potent things ive ever smoked.

  16. you said the same thing twice, just different.
  17. Closest i ever came to one hit quit bud is when i took 3 hits of some Official Sour D i would have smoked more but it was all i had at the time i was kinda bummed i was all out but then 5 min later it hit me like a ton of bricks i was the highest id been in months and keep in mind im a daily smoker that shit was goood

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