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One hit from the MFLB.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by WheresMySlaw, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. That's all it takes to get decently lifted. Not really high, but just enough to take the edge off of a bad headache and continue to function.

    I really love this thing.
  2. I feel you man, I love mine! One trench and a friend and I are good for a solid 2 hours. :smoking:
  3. AND, it saves sooo much herb!
  4. I want one sooo bad I could just cry. :(
  5. I'm about to go get some chinese food and then vape a nice trench. This is the life. lol
  6. Mind i ask what a MFLB is?
  7. Magic Flight Launch Box, a small handheld vape.
  8. what exactly did ur mflb come with and where did you buy it?
  9. For 99 bucks on their site man you get the MFLB, a little draw tube extension, 2 rechargable batteries, a charger for said batteries, a free grinder, a case.... I'm really considering getting one, i would just love to try one in person first and, has any one had theirs for a considerable amount of time to contest to the length it will live for its costs.... it seems very handy for a patient...especially at work :)
  10. Mine feels like it will last forever.

    And if it doesnt! Lifetime Warranty
  11. ^^^ yea but what fun is a lifetime warrenty if you have to keep sending the shit back in lol, like i had an E-cig, which is a similar idea...just kept breaking over and over and i dont want to repeat that bullshit....i cant find 1 review ANYWHERE saying it has a short lived life tho, so i may be investing in one here soon
  12. i think i found your slaw under the bleachers by the wayy
  13. WHAT hahahahahaha
  14. Yeah dude, these are sick. Mine's been going strong daily for six months now. Nothin' beats loading it up with some finely ground dank, sprinkling some kief on top, and vapin a bowl.
  15. Man, im trying for 3 good size trench bowls. I am about done with the second and I am soo fucking high. :)
  16. I'm really interested in getting one. The only vape I've used before is a volcano, how do they compare?
  17. The effect of being completely blasted is still there.

    Theres no bag, you pretty much suck in just like a pipe.
  18. I mean does it feel more like a vaporizer high or a piece high, if that makes sense.
  19. depends on how you pull
    the slower you pull, the hotter it gets, compared to a faster pull keeping temps lower
    each temp affects which cannabinoids are vaped

    each cannibinoid affects you differently

  20. aka, fast pulls will give you your general vaporizer/ volcano high on a normal setting(very clean mental lift), while a slow hot pull will give you a clean ass full high like a pipe... but it will still be missing that "smoke high" element.... im guessing right?????

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