One grew much taller than others in veg

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  1. Im veggin 4 and i plan on flowering when they are all 12",  problem is one plant is a savage and after i topped it once...its like 7-8 inches taller than the rest.  
    What do you do in this situation?

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    If they are all the same strain, the taller one is most likely a male. Tie it down a bit, look up lst, and prepare to cut it down after the flip.
  3. I started my plants off at 18/6 with the lights.  First 3 that came up took off and started to grow tall.  When I switched to 24/7 little over week later the other 2 plants that came up are growing small but nice and tight.  I believe on mine it was the light difference that made difference on size of the plant.  Been growing them for awhile now still at 24/7 in the veg stage and the first 3 are still a lot taller then the other 2 but they all are just as dark green in color and healthy looking. 
  4. i think it should be a fem because its a fem seed.  The smaller ones are right about 12" where i want them, and the tall one somehow managed to get to 20" in the same amount of time.
    I just cut some of the bottom branches of most, lollipop, just letting them recover to put into flower.  20" isnt too tall to lst? it definitely is able to bend some.  Ive just never tried LST yet.
  5. Likely a different pheno. No, it's not too late to start training. Either that, or put something under the other ones to keep an even canopy. Grow with God, my friend!
  6. Lst is easy, and even if you snap a branch it generally recovers. No better time to start trying than now
  7. you can super crop too

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