One grew more quickly.

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  1. All 3 strawberry cheesecake plants sprouted at the same time, one the largest and only one in Bosmere plant screen has grown larger than the others due to recovering more quickly when toped and trained. I'm worried about an uneven canopy at the moment as well as when to flip to flower, and anything else I may not have thought of. I would appreciate and advice or comments.

    4x4 tent
    600 watt MH /HPS
    Air scrubber\\ air cooled hood
    Promix soil extra mycorrhizae
    Water and occasional betterworld insect casting and worm casting activated tea(during veg)
    Big bud 0-15-35 and bud candy .5 Mg (magnesium)

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  2. could be a male or just a different pheno
    got some strawberry diesel goin atm, one female grew much taller than the others and wasnt going to yield much, so i pulled it and let the lamp focus on the other 3.
    you can flip and see. i'd begin training in case it is, in fact, a female
  3. I have another flower frame that's 18 inches from the ground(plants still slightly to small) also a tomato cage that I'm going to cut to size , that is along the lines of what u mean by training? Thank u for input Answer.

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  4. Fliped to 12/12 , we will see....

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