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One Gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nuto, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. So I am going to buy weed for the first time tonight, some spare mids from a friend. Thing is, I'm basically broke, and I'm only getting 1g. two questions:

    1.) If I'm smoking the g by myself only once every week or two, how long will it last me?

    2.) is $10 a reasonable price?

    also, If somebody could link a visual aid to help me see how much a g is, that would be awesome.

  2. This should help
  3. I looked at that, but it didn't have a picture of 1g by itself, which is what I need to see.
  4. $10 a gram is a good deal. Might not be dank weed, but i havent seen it, so i cant say..... Just ask him to weigh it in front of you? Lol..... Post some pics if you can.
  5. you can never know how much you actually have unless you have a scale. as a general rule, a gram should fill up the bottom of a cigarette cellophane wrapper.
  6. $10 for a gram sounds reasonable to me

    Regarding how quickly it goes... that all depends on how you like to smoke. If you're just gonna get stoned that'll go really quick (less than a day) but if you use it to maintain like a buzz it might last you a couple days.
  7. it all depends on how much you usally smoke in one session. if youre fine with one pipe bowl to get you stoned, then it could last three weeks, if you want to roll it, u can usually get about 2 decent j's out of a gram. ive had grams last me like 4 days, smoking a pipe bowl or two everynight, but it really comes down to how much you smoke in one session. you can easily smoke a dime in one night if you desired.
  8. a bowl is generally .3, so youd have three bowls. make it last as long as you want, i guess. but its mids, so if you have tolerance for dank youre not gonna stay high for long and will likely get a headache after. but, if you havent been smokin on any dank or jus havent toked in a while, a bowl will prolly do you alright, if youre alone. you should get three bowls out of it, but looks can be deceiving with mids if its brick. just have him throw it on a scale for you, or if it looks like less than three bowls, then call him out on it. 10$ is reasonable though. its really only worth like 7 though... i figure its two bowls of mid per 5$, 5$ ber bowl of dank.
  9. [​IMG]

    not all weed will look like that much, but thats common.
  10. .8 man... bags are always .2

    you got jacked! lol kidding but I hate when ppl give .8 bags

  11. He probably zero'd it with the bag on it..
  12. yeah, the guy who was going to sell to me didn't show...........=( ah well, thanks for your help everyone anyway
  13. whered you get your scale?
  14. Here is a picture of 1 gram.

    (Click image to make it bigger)

    It can be hard to eye out a gram. Some buds are a lot fluffier then others, and some are like brick.
  15. Ah... Most bowls I smoke are almost exactly one gram. But that could be just me, I like to pick out the biggest bowl in the head shop. :D
    But then again i smoked pretty heavy back then...:smoking:

  16. is it just me or is that scale made to look like a cell phone. if it is, sick. if not, someone should do that to lower the chances of someone gettin busted on distribution.
  17. the dankest bud i have ever had was $20 a g. and $10 a g is about average where i live. actually it is below average price but if it is anygood jump on it.
  18. its 5 a gram for mids here

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