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one gram blunt or two .5 blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by michaelangello, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. me and my cousin are about to smoke, and i have a .6 and he has a .5 and he asked if i wanted to just roll one blunt or we roll two smaller ones, well to me i like smoking a gram blunt because smoking two .5 blunts is nasty and thats alot of tobacco. well we decided to just roll two .5s but were going to smoke our u guys think if we rolled up a whole gram in one cigar it would get us higher than us smoking our own .5 or no?
  2. I'd go with two separate ones, but share the blunts. Like finish off .5 first between you two and see if you guys reached a pretty good point. If not, smoke the other .5 after.
  3. its the same amount of med, so it'll get you the same amount of high, essentially. 2 blunts will last longer, definitely, and the tobacco combined with the med will add to your high.
  4. Its the same amount of bud so you wont get any higher, but the more tobacco the bigger head buzz, id personally share one though,
  5. Two is better imo since you can smoke one now and one later. If one isn't enough you can always blaze the other but keeping half a burned large blunt smells a lot more than an unburned small one.
  6. I would say just one blunt to conserve time.
  7. Two. One now, one later.
  8. 2 smoke longer have more fun lol
  9. I would personally have just rolled 1 blunt up. But that's just because I don't roll .5 blunts....
  10. I would get a blunt wrap, split it in half, and then roll two. Great for conserving while still getting your blunt on.

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