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One good vacation story!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. OK here goes, I'm leaving town again and won't be back to the City for a couple of weeks. Here is a good story that I hope you find amusing.

    Now I never claimed here to be nothing more than an ignorant yuppie hillbilly. I have never bought anything from a dealer in my life and am pretty ignorant of that scene. You have enever heard me tallk about how much stuff costs or what sizes/amounts that weed comes in because I don't know. Not to say that I grow my own (in case Smoky BEar has his ears on) but why buy when you can do it yourself. And when the big old pickle jar gets about half empty, its time to put another seed in the ground. So with that stated, I have set the story up.

    On my vacation me and the mrs. decided to head out for some night life. I'm looking spiffy in my silk black, green, red, and yellow Bob Marley shirt and am not hiding the fact that I smoke. Taxi drivers come out of the shadows volunteering to drive us around. Its pretty spooky and we don't feel very comfortable riding around in the taxi.The driver is constantly asking "Is there anything else I can get you two for the night?" Now, I keep expecting the driver to ask "Do you wannt to smoke a joint?" not realizing that that is what he is asking me. So for ten minutes he's with this "Can I help you?" and I keep expecting him to come on out and offer me a joint. Finally my wife tells me that he's asking us if we want to smoke.

    Hell yes I want to smoke and he's finally happy. So he asks "How much do you want?" BPP answers "Oh gimme a joint and lets ride a while". The driver starts shaking his head, "No, no joints, I can get you a quarter bag." I reply "A quarter oz.? How much?" The driver agains starts shaking his head, "No, no, no. a quarter means $25 and its the size of one bud. A quarter oz. costs us $45 US"

    I was like "$25 for just a single bud, I just want a joint, Hell I can't even roll a joint without my rolling machine." He starts shaking his head some more. "We can buy some papers and roll it in the car." I reply "nevermind, I'll just smoke my own stash"

    Well the driver then starts asking me "Do you like Candy?" Well I look at my wife with affection and reply " I love my Candy!" The driver starts to get happy again and continues to ask me if I like candy, and do i like nice candy, etc. Well I keep looking at my wife, (who is named Candy) and continue to answer the driver "Yes, I love Candy, couldn't live without my Candy, wouldn't know what to do without my candy, etc, etc."

    Well by this time the driver is grinning from ear to ear and asks me some more "Do you like Candy?" and then he starts sniffing. Every time he asks me if I like Candy he sniffs his nose. Finally after I replied for the 25th time that I like Candy I ask him if he has a cold because he's constantly sniffing. Then when he looks at me like I'm a dumb-ass I ask him how he knows that my wife's name is Candy?

    "Oh you stupid Americans!! I mean do you want some cocaine?" I reply "No, I just want one joint to smoke while we are driving to the club. I don't do anything but smoke."

    So we finally get to where we are going and he lets us off still frustrated at my dumb-ass. I hope you all enjoy my story and have a good laugh on my account. I know I have laughed about it since I've gotten home.

    See you all in a couple of weeks and don't forget about me. And SJ, while you are going on vacation me and Nubbins are going to pull a coup and take over the City and run it like our own. ;) LOL!!
  2. Good thing your wife was there to keep you up to speed.
    I can just picture this guy trying to sell you some coke and your like oh yeah, I love Candy couldn't live with out it, do you have a cold? ahhhahhhhhhhhahahhahahahha!

    Sounds like something I would do.
  3. One day this class that my friend and I TA for were talking about a movie they had just seen. We were both fuckin' STONED and my friend is like "OOOOHHhhhhh I get it, ahaha, I saw that movie last semester and I just now got it" The whole class just stared at her. What a retard, like they didn't know we were stoned already, she didn't have to make it that blatently obvious.
  4. i cant roll a joint without my machine either...hahahaha..candy...hahahahaha.. me laugh long time
  5. LOL BPP that was a cute story! you sure love your Candy :)

    i couldn't roll a joint without my machine either, woah, i never realized that could be an issue on vacation :D


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