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One funny ass story!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by paintballa0407, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Okay about 2 years ago our highschool basketball team went to chattanooga TN for camp for about a week. We stayed in the colleges dorm rooms, anyway, Well as usual when we went their in the past we brought liquer and some weed. Now there are smoke alarms in the building so we just smoke up in the bathroom. Anyway later that night my friend Taylor (my name too) went to the bathroom and I guess when came out that fucker didnt close the door all the way. So about 2 mins later the smoke alarm goes off and were like fuck its sounding throughout the whole buliding, so we hide all the shit (about 5 liquer bottles and a 1/4) and we headed outside to where everyone was. Now it sucked cause we were the last ones out seeming we were busy hiding the shit. When we get out their there asking everyone questions to see if anyone had seen a fire or anything. Well while doing that they had campus police going around the doors and seeing if their okay. Now Taylor fucked up again and he left our dorm room cracked open. So they walk right in and smelled weed. we ended telling them it was cigs, now keep in mind our coach was their too, anyway they ended up just leavng cause they didnt find anything. Yeah so we caught a big ass break, lol. But our coach was cool as shit he knew pretty much 14/17 players smoked and drank, Including all 5 starters. I thought we were for sure screwed in the butt. Well thats my story, hope you guys get a couple laughs from it.

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