One fucked up nightmare

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  1. Well I feel like I should post this in the box because it was a very realistic, long, experienced and fucked up nightmare. The only drugs I did yesterday was some adderal and dranked 8 beers and blacked out. Well during my sleep I had this long ass dream. The first part was my family had moved to a new house. Really fucked up because it felt like I lived there for a while because I knew where all the bathroooms and bedrooms were and shit. It all look familiar. Also I actually had a dinner with my family in the dining room and we shared conversation. Now the trippy part, out of no where I ended up at my former house. Well it felt like I just moved into my old house for the first time in my life. For some reason I'm all alone and shit. Then all of sudden I hear these LOUD ass thunders. Literally every 0.5 second a loud boom of thunder would go off and off and there would be like 20 of these loud ass thunders every 10 seconds. I walked outside and saw this big ass cloud. Very dark and it looked as if it was posseessed and something. There was not any lightning just thunder. Also the sun was out and on the outskirts of this huge crazy looking DARK cloud was sunlight and blue skies. Then it thundered and it was so loud I had to run back in the house. Then I freaked out like WTF. Then I woke up at 9:00 a.m. and here I am now shocked because the dream was long (maybe 2 hours) and fucked up. Wierd I woke up that early because I remember falling asleep around 2:00 a.m.
  2. I've heard dreams only last a few minutes.
  3. Pics or it didn't happen.
  4. dreams only last a couple minutes, but you dont have a time perception in your sleep so what happens in a few minutes can seem like hours in your mind, its like the dream plays in super fast motion but your time perception slows down so you experience it at normal pace
  5. No, the average dream last just a few minutes, but this wasnt your average dream.

  6. hahaha
    thats lame.
    But anyway sorry to hear about your nightmare thats shitty. I always have the same nightmare about driving a car into a lake or something and it is intense.
  7. I've also had a few dreams where they last more than 2 minutes for sure.. it literally seemed like it was more than 2 hours. Even if it was 2 minutes, my brain suffered 2 hours of it. That really does suck man, gotta love the nightmares!

  8. I lol'd
  9. this is gods way of telling you that a huge cloud will devour your soul if you keep being a lightweight and blacking out from 8 beers :p
  10. Some dreams last seconds ^^
  11. R.E.M cycles only last up to 45 minutes.
  12. ....... U get drunk way quicker if your coming down on that shit and start drinking. If your on it you'll get drunk off like 2-3 beers.
  13. Nah they did experiments and proved that time elapses in the same manner as it always does, even in the dream world.
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    Damn i wish my dreams where about noises and teleporting from house to house. i have crazy ass dreams about being in some apocalyptic type shit or your with a group of people and you got to fight of people or zombie/gremlin type things. or i will be walking around in a house and i will walk by a flight of steps going down and see a little girl in a white dress and a fucked up tore up face that looks decomposed, and i will just stare as she stares back than start running and after running for a second my legs will feel all heave and i cant run fast more like a slow walk but im trying to tun as hard as i can and i cant scream or talk and i cant remember anything after that. and its these same dreams i have over and over but thank God not every night and some nights i have good dreams aka sex dreams and most the time i dont remember my dreamsfut i have nightmares atleast twice a week

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