One for the girls...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stonie jo, Sep 14, 2002.

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  1. I suppose this is in response to the captains test.........just a little something patriotic for the girls..................enjoy!
  2. You lucky, lucky NY girls LOL, that\'s my brother superbud BTW
  3. well helllooooo superbud!
  4. The first guy has a really big butt, the second guy is more like it ;)

  5. Just a Lil\' \"picky\" ain\'t ya sweetie??
  6. lol yep, big butt.
  7. i just had to look at that bod 1 more time

  8. Not really, I like you don\'t I? ;)
  9. OUCH!! I guess I needed a Lil\' reality check!! LMAO!!
  10. I can\'t always be rainbows and sunshine ya know ;)

    just kidding you know I love you.
  11. Rainbows and sunshine bore ole\' cowboys after awhile, That\'s why I love wild horse\'s and wilder women!!!!
  12. You like the ones that burp spit and cuss eh?
  13. I didn\'t really care for the first guy\'s ass, either!!!!!
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