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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sidious, Apr 13, 2003.

  1. well as you's all know i've just started my new grow and all is going well.......however, i am growing my Maui's and they are a hybrid of 50% sativa and 50% indica.......what i was wondering is, have you ever had one that has showed more of a trait to either ordered seeds that are a 1/2 and 1/2 and had at least one that appears to be allost 100% indica or sativa...??......look at the following pic and bear in mind that they sprouted at the same time and under the same conditions and then compare the leaf structure is also slightly diffrent......on the one which i beleive to be more indica it has shorter and tighter leaves.......hell maybe i'm just too i think that i have an allmost pure indica in there!!.....Peace out....Sid
  2. pic 1

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  3. pic 2

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  4. a normal one.....Peace out.....Sid

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  5. overall height from pot.....Peace out......Sid

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  6. last one......Peace out.....Sid

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  7. hmm
    well, lets see..neverh appned to me before, cause i never ordered online yet :p
    i'd say the one does look a lil more indica, but give it a lil more timet o grow n see if the leaves get a lil fatter.
  8. Those leaves are as broad as this strain called's 100% Indica...I'll show you some pics of it if I can find any.
  9. i'll keep an eye on it....but i'm putting my money on a pure indica!......Peace out.....Sid
  10. they're only starting to smell now......Peace out.......Sid
  11. 100% stupefying indica.
    I had a crop of Sensi star that smelt so much like catpiss I thought a neighbor would complain. I bought a ozone generator that I never needed before and haven't used since. The weed was just that good.
    It could be 100%. You won't know until you start flowering. indica's always bloom purple. If it is...clone the hell out of it and send me some!
  12. The plants gene's can heterozygous not homozygous. heterozygous is when the plant has a main phenotype ( characteristic ) but then can be a hidden one that doesnt show and later in the generation of the plants. it comes out. so the seed was not pure bred that is when it is homozygous no hidden gene. one one the parents were hetero. This kind of thing happends with hyridization. Hope u understand.

    Also is u want i can try to explain better one time when im not blazed.
  13. to ezplain a little more in homozygous there is no resive trait and in heterozygous there is, and sometimes the resive over comes the domainit phenotypes and genotypes. Also a phenotype is the trait (like in a human black hair). genotype is if the homo or hetero. and there is a way of finding %'s with something called punnett squares.
  14. well that clears it up a bit......kinda like how no-one in my family, except my great great grandfather had red hair, and then all of a sudden when my mum had me i had slightly red hair, that changed to fair, and then dark......but i still have red hairs in my beard?......Peace out.......Sid
  15. hello guys been very busy ,hey sidious kick ass plants,how in the world did ya get them that short and bushy?,you have a jk

    im lookin in ur grow quide to find more info on that.
    cya man,peace.....
  16. they're that small due to light suppression....lots of light to slow down the vertical growth, and then the only thing it can do is bush out pretty well, ........Peace out......Sid

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