One footed nose slides rock!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Haha! Hey y'all! I jus wanted to give shouts out to all the boarders who get down dirty and wreck' shop when it's time to bust.

    I was just outside workin' tha skills a bit and they feel like they're comin' back, i'm startin to stick more shizzle consistently. Damn i love gettin blazed and just attacking fast and gnar-diggity-dawg, slappin dat beeyatch up on a nice waxed edge and and gnarrdoggin' a one footed noseslide, battlin' my nemesis, the ollie manual to ollie off platform, and gettin' tha grazizzle shizzle back down with tha stuff like fakie bigspins, heelflip, kickflip, and i'm gettin' close to landin treflips and impossibles.

    I'm gonna land a manual across the platform tho, i almost got it twice tonight but i touched my front wheel when i ollied up, so it wasn't a full clean manual.

    If you skate, don't ever quit, it sucks to stry to start over when yer an old dude, but i'm hangin' wit tha kids, not with tech newskool shit, but with raw ol'skool power, like gettin pissed and haulin ass as fast as you can at shit and just bustin with anger.

    I still need to get back on my bike but my partsa aren't here yet, but it's givin' me an excuse to get out and throw down like back in tha day 'n shizz, like back in tha 80's.

    Peace like a ma'fucka yall!!!!
  2. word.... you gotta rep the darkslide.....

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