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One FIM, Multiple Colas?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by GrayWolfXX, Mar 3, 2014.

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    Heya everybody,

    Have recently begun my own grow after years of watching friends make free smoke and I have a query.

    Growing Paradise Ice Cream on 250W CFL (19-5 atm), soil with mirrored walls and have recently fimmed my new growth. She's about 3 weeks old but this morning I went and counted and I now have 9 spots of 'new growth' rather than the 2 I expected with each one being located just above the old leaves.. She's not currently on nutrients as the soil I have her in had to be mixed with wood shavings in order to soften it's nutrient content.

    My query is... Is this usual or typical for this amount of new growth to appear after a single fim?

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  2. They all grow branches in those spots. You only count the growth at the very top, where you topped.
    Topping increases the speed these will be produced.

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