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  1. Hello peeps

    Wanted your advice and opinions an bollockings if need be....

    Below are my plants now 26 days old from sprout. One is cheese one is northern lights.

    After suffering damage to the plant on the tips and round the edges I was told they might be asking for nutes or maybe they have had heat stress, damage was only to the lower leaves since then I have raised my cfl and started to feed

    Since feeding them 1/4 strength nutes one has completely taken off and has now become a bit big for it's pot although it's a 15 litre, is this going to cause a problem with the leaves touching the sides of the pot?, if so what can I do to get the plant higher to the rim without causing undue stress?

    I am slightly confused as the other plant in the tent has not had a growth spurt for a while and is only half the size of the other

    Is there something I've done wrong to have one plant growing bigger than the width of the pot and the other is not growing any bigger?

    Many thanks

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  3. i dont think having ur plant touch the bucket matters. i would assume they are just growing different cause theyre different strains. looking good to me. i dont write on here much, had to let ya know ur doin a good job keep it up..
  4. Thanks for replying mate I really appreciate it,

    She seems to be growing quite rapidly now but if u think it's ok that she is touching the sides then I trust your opinion!

    Just a shame the other plant can't learn a thing or two :)

    I considered trying to scoop her out and replant at the same level as the top of the pot but I don't wanna do anything to screw things up at the moment.

    This is literally my first time but there is no point making mistakes unless you learn from them
  5. make sure u keep that cfl real close to the plant tops to give them the full benefit of the light.. i get really impatient with my slower growing strains but its always worth it in the long run. those plants u got there are going to get bigger soon and youll be looking back on the days when ur plant was small and smile. good luck man ill be watchin..turtles
  6. Hey dood... If you want the plant up closer to the rim, just take off some of the lower growth... Which if your using cfl's won't amount to much anyways, then fill er back up with hydroton.

    Different strains grow at different rates... Also have different nute needs. Perhaps the one loves the current doses... While the other needs something a bit different, or maybe just more time to establish itself.

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