One Dose of Any Drug

Discussion in 'General' started by griffin3141, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. If someone were to offer you a single dose of any drug, what drug would you choose? And no, you can't take cocaine and sell if for weed money (I know you were all thinking it).

    I'd take a dose of pure mescaline.
  2. A big dose of pure acid. The stuff I get around here is usually pretty weak compared to what I used to get. Never get quite a big enough dose and I don't feel like spending more than 30 dollars on a trip
  3. I'd take some pure mdma please
  4. I'd take some top grade coke.
  5. definately pure MDMA
  6. Aspirine.
  7. agreed
  8. i would take shrooms . :smoking:
  9. i would take shrooms . :smoking: and if that wasnt a choice then straight coke (unprocessed by the cartels that add weird shit to it)

  10. Me too, the pearly stuff.
  11. Either acid or X
  12. mescaline. that shit's hard to find
  13. A heavy dose of either of the major hallucinogenics


    But if I had to choose between those 3 itd probably Mescaline, as mentioned before it is a bit harder to find.
  14. Probally, some budder (pure thc) laced with a halucingen that you smoke and trip on, not salvia.
  15. One choker hit of kush
  16. id probably try acid
  17. DMT

    Must have five letters.
  18. 1000mg of mdma

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