one day your here and then ur gone

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  1. hey all i dont know about yall but this one song makes me think. i think about growing up.
    all the stupid shit i did. all the shit i shoulda done instead
    all the times i made it home when i shouldnt had
    the times i made it home but my freinds didnt
    rip cuban,luck, bigmike,robert,lilb
    hope yall in a beter place now

    but be crefull all, its a nasty world we live in out there
    all the bad people come out at night

    [ame=]UGK - One Day U Here - Chopped & Screwed - YouTube[/ame]
  2. Seriously, dont worry about the past or future too much. Its all peaks and valleys, just focus on the moment at hand. There is no anxiety in the present moment, only when you are worrying about what the future will be like or regretting your actions in the past. Remember that hindsight is 20/20. I know this all sounds cliche but it is true and has helped me to escape the grips of depression.

    Here is a funny example of the problem with looking to the future, which is unpredictable.
  3. Life's a bitch and then you die, that's why I stay high, cuz you never know when you gonna go.

    The motto
  4. South Park Coalition
  5. i fucking love ugk, rip pimp c

  6. you must have read the book, power of now
  7. I knew the song right when I read the title. RIP Pimp C UGK4Life. But yeah, good tune.
    Here's a few others that are pretty deep that you might enjoy.

    [ame=]UGK - Diamonds & Wood - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]UGK - Living This Life - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]UGK - Hi-Life - ( TRACK # 10 ) - YouTube[/ame]
  8. yea i like tht highlife

    got a nice flow to the song

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