One cubic foot super micro challenge grow, possible?

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by treesonthisgreenearth, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. I have a discreet 1 cubic ft boxed in area I am thinking of using for a secondary, ultra micro challenge grow. The idea here is not for yield, but just for fun.
    The 1 cubic foot of space needs to hold the lights (cfl) as well as the plants. The plants will be grown in 200ml (6.7oz) solo cups.
    I am thinking of the lights are mountined in the corners with a reflector that it should work out pretty well. Perhaps some LST if necessary.
    What do you think? Is this possible or futile?

  2. If you've got a spare seed or clone, give it a shot. Root bound is a state of mind... I've followed some perpetual solo cup grows that a guy actually revegged, used for mother plants, then flowers them one last time - with larger yields than the first time....

    Experimenting is the best learning tool :-D
    That makes it sound like the plants grew to understand their limited environment and adjusted themselves. I like it! Do you have a linky you show me?
    And yup, have some freebie seeds to spare which is what actually gave me the idea!
  4. Lemme find the link, I'll pm you... This guy did a SOG grow off the grid with 250w of cfls in 16oz solos in like 2 sqft of space... 3 clones in a week, 9 week strains, so 27 plants maximum in the space.... Was interesting
    That sounds fantastic, gotta read it! Thanks for taking the time to look, will keep an eye out for pm.
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  6. Sent.

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