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  1. So last night, me (guitaraddict177), and andyking1243 started the amazing night by finding some dank black hash before riding to pick up some bud. After getting ready to go pick up some bud Andyking pulled out a bag with 12 Lyrica inside and we each grabbed one and snapped it, and snorted the white powder inside. Walking out the house we both lit up a cigarette and went on our way to pick up. While we were driving the car, I felt really energetic I guess from the Lyrica, and I reached my entire body out the window and hugged a girl I have never met before. After picking up an 1/8 of some headies, we stopped at Rite Aid to get some more cigs. I walked into the store and I walked back to the the bathroom first, and as I walked towards the counter I felt really nervous because there was a dude standing in the middle of the store staring at me with a shirt that said 'SECURITY" and I felt my pocket and I not only look high as fuck, I had my small metal zeppelin pipe in my pocket so walking toward the counter he started following me, I was like wtf. When I got to the counter I said somelike like "Get me a 2...double...pack of Marlboro...the Menthol kind..." and the guy was like "Excuse me..." and I quickly corrected myself by saying "one double pack of Marlboro Menthol" and I finally got out of there...(but he only rung it up as 1 pack...dank!). So with our Arizona Ice Teas and cigarettes we were on our way home.

    On the way home our good friend simple ben (he's a little simple) called us and asked us if he could come chill we were like whatever. So when we got home we pack about 7 bowls and mixed in the hash. Into Andyking's 1 foot bong CRuSH We were BLAZED.

    Simple Ben asked us from some Tylenol for his head we gave him 3 Darvocet. While we were snapping our some Lyrica and snorting them. After about 5 each we played some N64 and Xbox while listening to some Sublime, Gorillaz, Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne. Sudden we looked over at Ben and he cant keep his head up or use his arms. Andking and I are pretty experienced drug users and knew this would happen so we are laughing.

    Looking at the time its 2 am so we grab my Red Zeppelin pipe and go for a walk. Sitting in a field smoking suddenly we hear a helicopter and I shove everything in my pocket and run over behind a near by bush and dip down to where you cant see me. Then I look over and see Ben and Andy and I hear Andy yell to Ben "LAY DOWN' and they both lay face down on the ground. I look up and see a helicopter with "POLICE" on the side it circles the field about twice and flew away. We meet back up and laugh then walk back to the house and DEFINATELY pack another bowl. :cool:
  2. +rep

    great story!
  3. You do realize police have an infra-red system that can clearly see you regardless of if you're laying down or hiding behind a bush. That just gives them more reason to dispatch a cop to your location because it looks like you are hiding something
  4. Wait wait wait, you drugged your friend with out him knowing (ben) ?
  5. That wasnt the point lol. It was the simple fact of the fucking helicopter dude. Shit was nuts.

    We told him it was Tylenol but he knew it wasnt

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