One Crazy Night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KillerJ, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. This happened about a month ago. but its worth telling. The night started with me and a buddy going to a party and playing some beer pong. Well we left after my 30 pack was gone and were cruising on some backroads. Well we see these headlights about a 1/2 mile from us then all of a sudden they dissapear. Well we get to where they disapeared and see a car in a ditch that is impossible to drive out of. So i told my buddy to pull over and i got out. Outisde of their car were two very fine drunk girls trying their hardest to climb up this culvert.. I asked them if they needed a ride somewhere and they wanted a ride to a bar a couple miles away. Well we are all in the car now and my friend asks them if they got any weed. To my surprise they pull out about an 8th of some dank. We go on about a 10 minute cruise. before we got to the bars I asked the girls for their numbers and gave them my cell phone to put their numbers in so we could party sometime.. After they got out I looked in the backseat and i was like "Dude look they forgot their weed" laying there on the seat was a little less than an 8th of nugget. Overall good night.
  2. nice, nice. you ended up with a reward too in the end. win-win.
  3. They just crashed their car into a ditch and they wanted a ride to the bar?
  4. Yeah, I found that pretty funny. Im sure they got some fines for leaving scene of accident and shit. That culvert was impossible to get a car out of. It was straight down and up.
  5. better to snag a fine and have to get it out of impound than waiting for cops and getting a dui
  6. Definatly, my friend thinks they left the weed there on purpose since we saved them from all the bullshit.
  7. ^^ haha My ass they were just fucked up.

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