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    It all started when me and my friend were chilling at a lake / forest smoking and drinking. I was pretty drunk at the time. We were on a pathway surrounded by dried shrubs , forestation, and a river bank. There was a few people around us, but a distance away.

    I suddenly felt the urge to light the dried shrubs next to us. I have no idea why I did this. It erupted in flames and I stared at it for a second and realized it was getting huge.

    I tried to stop it by taking off my shirt and smothering the fire. It didn't work. I kept waving my shirt up and down trying to put out the fire but it just kept getting bigger and bigger. I was freaking out. A second later I hear someone yell "hey!" I looked over and someone was running towards us.

    We continued to try and put out the fire but the shrubs were engulfed in flames. The fire just kept spreading. It spread to the size of 8 cars in matter of seconds. A man runs over and tries to help us put it out. Even with 3 people it had no effect. It just kept spreading. Me and My friend could do nothing. In a panic we bolted.

    We run through some forestation and to a river bank. Without hesitation me and my friend jumped into the water with our clothes, phones, and backpacks on. That was the least of our concern at the moment.

    I started swimming to the other side which was quite a distance. In the middle of my swim I looked back and saw a immense amount of smoke hovering above the trees. I was scared at that point. I may have cause a huge forest fire.

    After I got to the other side I ran into the forest and hid in some dense sticker bushes. I was very cut up. While we were hiding we heard sirens through-out the forest. It was very cold, and there were bugs crawling all over us. The whole time I could smell a strong sent of smoke around us. We hid in the sticker bushes for an hour. When we thought it would be clear we swam back the way we came. I saw a big patch of forest that was covered in ash.

    I was just glad they stopped it before it burned down the whole forest. Overall it was an interesting experience. However I lost my phone and and a bag during the process. I was just glad not to be arrested.
  2. Haha dickhead, if youre gonna light a fire, light something that wont cause mass destruction. In this housing complex that was being built where me and some friends were smoking, they just layed the concrete foundation for this house and they had left these huge bundles of foam or insulation or some shit. These bundles were hugh like 2m by 2m bags and there was about 8 of them on this foundation so we got the idea of lighting them on fire. Haha in no time these things were lit up like the devils balls so we legged it back to my friends house round the corner as fast as we could. Then we chilled on his balcony smoking some bongs watching the enormous black smoke cloud coming off this shit. I wish i had a picture this smoke stack went up to as high as you can see in the sky and it was black as all fuck. Hahaha
  3. Wow OP, funny that there would be bugs crawling all over you if it was very cold as you say, here in Florida the bugs die off or hide out till warm weather...that's very strange....
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    I was soaking wet the whole time in the bush. The water here is freezing cold.
  5. Trolllll. Why swim an ruin everything on u when 1. The water was freezing 2. You could run faster than u swim(unless ur Michael phelps) 3. Ur a troll
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    There is dense forestation that's hard to get through. In desperate times there is desperate measures. I value my freedom. I had unmentionable, weed, and a bubbler on me. I may have started a forest fire. I'm going to do whatever it takes to avoid the law. My logic was No one would swim after me, but people can chase me. This story is real. I don't care what you say.

    Now if someone has an interesting story to tell they are called troll. pathetic. I'm saying the truth, and if you don't believe me leave. Your negativity can go else where.
  7. hahaah one time we were bored over in the jects, lit a big ass dumpster on fire . . .
  8. I was chillin with a friend down by the river and he started lighting the shrub on fire. I told him to stop and he was like naw it's fine I used to do it all the time. All it takes is one dry day for it all to burn. Luckily he stopped and didn't burn anything down.
  9. Haha that's fuckin crazy. Sorta reminds of this one time when me and my friend got really baked in this forest. We were smokin some real dank bud but suddenly I thought I saw a man with a flashlight comin towards us so immediately we book it, runnin through thorns and shit. We find a little ditch so we jump into it and we were safe...little did we know we were sitting in a huge ass patch of poison ivy. We were so stoned we did t even realize tho ...
  10. that's some crazy shit. at least it's a lesson learned, man
  11. U added air to the fire lol, air is like steroids to fire:p
  12. I hope they read this story an arrest your ass. Your are a terrible person for doing that and I hope you get what's coming to you.
  13. Lol sounds like this

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  14. u mad
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    What's your problem? I tried to stop the fire with everything I had. Also this happened 4 months ago so I'm not very worried. I know what I did was messed up but I was drunk at the time. I tried to put out the fire as best I could.

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