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  1. So today I was just sitting outside by the water and started thinking. I was thinking about how I believe god to be a collective energy that is present within everything in the universe (pantheism), rather than a higher being. Everything in the universe is god, its all part of this single energy. I then started to compare this to a human or a living organism in general. Lets go with a human to keep things simple... so a person has a body and within the body there are all sorts of organs and other things (not really up on my biology so bear with me haha), which break down to smaller parts like cells and even atoms. Every part of the body all the way down to an atomic level has its own role and does its own job following its natural course. How is this any different from the universe as a whole? The universe breaks down into galaxies, solar systems, planets etc. Each of these have their own place and follow their own natural course in the universe obviously haha. So basically the universe is one collective being, its alive just like we are and we need to take this into consideration more often. We must do what we can to preserve the natural order of things and maintain peace. I mean we don't like it when we get sick and there's a "war" going on inside of our bodies; so why would the universe be alright with us creating war and destroying the natural order (not that its conscious lol)?

    I don't know, just some thoughts... hope it makes sense

    Lemme know what you think or if you have any insight, please share.

    - peace & love :)
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    There is no fundamental division/separation between anything - all comes from the source. If you feel that, you will start to see god, the Universe, us, as a singularity. Everything contains and is the result of consciousness - we are all trying to realise this into our awareness whether we know it or not. As you succeed you bring yourself closer to aligning your frequency with this, and life becomes more real for you as you do.
  3. Symbiosis. Synergy.

    I feel the same way - it seems that the Universe is one gigantic organism. Technically, the Earth is an organism.

    It sounds crazy, but it really makes a lot of sense. I wonder if there are clusters of universes or maybe the QP theories (M/String/Unified theories) are correct - who knows.

    Fun to think about, though. And I dig Pantheism. I would consider myself an Agnostic Pantheist if anything.
  4. I wanted to say something about there potentially being other universes, but I don't know all that much about the subject scientifically speaking.

    Taking an astronomy course this fall semester as well as a philosophy course... can't wait to see where that takes me.

    And yeah man, I would consider myself an agnostic pantheist as well.

    - peace & love
  5. We are just an atom within God/It/All/Source's to think about. I try to just let it be.
  6. Fun to think about indeed. I personally enjoy meditating on this.

    And for the most part i try to let it be as well, but when I'm out in nature I feel so in touch with this energy... I just love it haha

    -peace & love

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