one cola plants?

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  1. does anyone know how to grow one cola plants. ive heard of many diffrent methods but is there anyone with 1st hand experience or with pics that they can post to show how theyre method works thx a million to all answers:smoke:
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    DUDE, trichrome fiend,

    PM him, if hes not busy.

    he grow zero veg plants in 60 days from seed to harvest, or clone to harvest im not sure.

    but its rediculous lol.

    if the search worked id get the thread, but the search has always sucked here lol.
  3. simply dont top your plant and you will end up with a single cola. that and when the popcorns start up cut them off. that will direct all hormones to the top (single) cola.
  4. Go straight to 12/12 from seed or clone, that will give you basically one cola.

  5. you do not have to go straight to 12/12 to get a single cola. like i said just dont top it and you will have one main cola that over time you will get a couple smaller popcorn nugs pop up at the bottom. simply cut those off as they start and your left with one single cola. if you go straight to 12/12 from seed your going to end up with a very short plant with a single cola. i have vegged a plant for 2 months before flowering without topping or training. it had one single 2.6 oz bud (dry)

  6. What is the point of doing that? It seems like that method would just stress the plant unnecessarily. What are it's advantages over lst, scrog, sog (with clones flowered early), etc?
  7. so u can have alot of plants sideby side. limits each plants' horizontal space coverage
  8. it is based on genetics,certain strains when left alone will grow one main cola from top to bottom,others strains will branch,its not a growing technique,

  9. yeah, or you can go straight to flower after like a week of veg, or less.

    and have smokable product within 2 months.
  10. ill definitly try this ive never grown one without topping or using any sort of training thx for ur input its greatly appreciated if u get a chance check out my thread:D

    wow pigpen this thread is great thx for the link bro:smoke:

    thats the way trichromefiend grows his and they do seem to be one cola plants which is what im looking for however i am concerned about how this will effect yields. i pm'd trichromefiend to ask him but have not gotten a response yet. have u grown this way before and if so what were ur yields? thx alot for ur input man:smoke:

    well lst and scrog are both stressful for the plant as well and the benefit is being able to have more plants side by side.

    exactly! couldnt have said it any better, thx for chimmin in:D

    this is exactly what i was going to do and still plan to do maybe 2weeks veg and str8 to flower. i want columns of nugs. will be way faster and easier to chop too:smoke:
    thank all u guys for ur input anybody have pics to back up theyre theories?

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