one cola on my plant's leaves are turning black/drying up, and the fan leaves...

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  1. have almost all fallen off...

    just on one cola though, the rest of the plant is fine, what's going on?

    only changes that have happened are that the plant got moved to a spot that gets more sunlight...

    here's a pic, the cola on the bottom left is what i'm talking about, can take macros if need be.

    oh also, the new growth on said cola looks to be normal:

  2. here's a close up of the top of the branch that it's happening to: the rest of the plant looks pretty much healthy, so i dont know what to think???

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  3. Hmm.. I would say heat stress...
    Probably needs more water.
  4. [​IMG]

    Wow man you need to water them dude ASAP also a bit of heat stress but WATER MAN. :)

  5. ahhh :(

    damn 110 degree days, it's been ridiculously hot this past couple weeks.... anything i can do to help her? i keep it well watered, but not overwatered... i just moved it to a sunnier spot, that stays hotter (basically no shade) should i consider moving it back to not stress it further? or you think it will be fine?

  6. Just water it as soon as you see the top inch or so dry up. You can keep it in that spot. :)
  8. Well, my last grow with 6 plants in a 1,000w 4x4 tent, I was watering 1 gallon every 24-26 hours. They love to drink up water :D

  9. :smoke: :p that's like a bathtub of water every couple days hehe :D:D :smoke:
  10. Seriously..:smoke:
    Hope your plants get better quick budd.:hello:
  11. I see no colas on that plant or have they just fallen off ???? :eek:

  12. well i meant where the colas will form :p

    optimistic thinking hehe

  13. It wil pic back up then, it needed water, so just keep it well watered.
  14. I wouldent worry about that until you start seeing flowers form.


  15. [​IMG]

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