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Discussion in 'General' started by dr_krapp, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. thousand. haha i only just notice the 99.

    i really am full of crap, this can be proven by my steadily rising number of posts a day.

    plus i been thru alot recently. so i been posting alot lol.

    soo. hows you keyboard?
  2. btw mods is my sig ok?

    i guessed it was cos the banana is a smilie and only take up what would be two lines of text, and wrote 2, os that a good enough compromise?

  3. No. Needs more dancing bananas.
  4. haha yup gota get a row of at least 7 but not 8, 8's just not funny

  5. hmm 7 i never thought of that.

    lets see what that looks like.
  6. cant do 7, i like 3
  7. I can't see the pictures on your sig.

  8. its penutbutter jelly time!!!!!! lol good sig
  9. did you misspell things in your sig on purpose???

  10. it says village idiot so im assuming yes. at least thats what I think.. well, dok?

  11. aha i agree. where? lol :p
  12. OH!!! to be honest i never read it so never noticed. I'll get right on it some other time. :p
  13. available, reasonable

    You know...I can't answer your question due to.......reasons. :p So, let me get back to you on that one.

    *edit* LOOK DoK!!!! 7500 for me. I had to edit my post and not post another so the number wouldn't change. :) Weird....I didn't expect that to happen in this thread and didn't realize it til just then. Too cool for my high ass. :D
  14. lol, i need to get high.

    im getting trpped in my own life again, lol :p
  15. There, thats better. lol

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