ONDCP written testimony for reform hearing

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  1. ONDCP written testimony
    tt has to be an Anonymous hack at gov.com
    They want to keep marijuana Schedule one,,even though they quit calling it  "dangerous and addictive" because too many people like it and could develop a dependence,,like not being awake until you have your morning java and basing policy on recovering marijuana addicts,,judged to be addicts before the ONDCP changed it's language....
    It sounds like they want to ban super large sodas to protect the children
    Wait until Polis and the  rep/senator from OR reads this,,they won't wait for the DEA to show up for a hearing,,they will have a full blown come apart on the flo0r


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  2. "Highest standards of safety and efficacy..." HAH. Like there's never been a pill the FDA recalled for safety issues or a population seriously hurt by the products of their 'highest standards'...
  3. well now...the paper says 32 million people a year in the USA are toking...and other then those being forced into rehab by legal systems or brainwashed sheeple type parents..there is no medical record of harm from pot...
    people are asking "based on what evidence" and anti mj people have nothing but debunked lies and fallacies as a retort.
  4. Let the government regurgitate their own falsified reports. It's not like anyone believes a god damn thing the government says anymore.
    This reads like the reason alcohol should be banned, if not for the horrid side effects of ANY prohibition.
    When their rhetoric no longer works, fear will be the tool they use. It is what will keep people silent. If they allow themselves to be silenced.

    I swear...every day that goes by I am more convinced that we will one day discover that regular cannabis users live longer and are in better overall health than non-users.
    It has already begun. Articles are starting to pop up in mainstream media explaining how cannabis may prevent illnesses, not just treat them.
    My biggest regret is that none of us will be able to see the faces of the prohibitionists when it is proven that they kept a cure for cancer illegal for 40+ years.
    I would love to see the Kevin Sabets and Patrick Kennedys and Nora Volkows of the world chased by mobs with pitchforks until they are lined up against the wall and...
    Every day that they work to keep the lifesaving medicine illegal they are committing crimes against humanity.
  6. Love how they claimed many cannabis users are in treatment but don't mention the fact that those treatments are COURT ORDERED.
    A better comparison would be those who went of their own free will, of which there would be very few!
    If you have 32 million regular users, then a half million testing positive for cannabis while in the emergency room, is not surprising, since it stays in your system for up to 90 days!
    If you are still affected one week later from cannabis you are using I only have one thing to say.
    I want some of that!
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    9% are walk ins,,court ordered runs 65>70% and the rest are employer and family related,,and they lose those too after employers no longer have to jump through hoops to keep government contracts.
    Even though Napa  Valley is the technology  epicenter in  our country and they refuse  to  drug screen but the government doesn't force them too comply and most of our advance weaponry tech is from Napa and probably the best spent tax dollars being harvested  by potheads.

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