Once upon a legend..

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  1. Once upon a legend me and my friend decided to travel to the movies because there is nothing to do in this town but smoke weed. (the movie theater is like 30 minutes away) We're on our way and he's like oh shit man wait I got an idea and then he proceeds to tell me we could go to his aunts house to get some dank ass bud she was home growing (think white widow). So we begin our trip by smoking a few bowls and rolling a blunt for the car.. Unbeknownst to me my friend has no idea where the fuck we are going, just the general direction. (It's about 6 o clock at this point)

    So we start driving on this road that's like a highway but it's not an interstate yeah and he's like bro I wonder how fast we can go. And I just look at him and he like looks at me and we already know. So we're going like 130 in this bitch roasting a blunt and he's like yo hold the wheel i gotta light up this cig. So I do and then this bear runs out in front of us and neither of us do anything he just continues to light this cig.. the bear just stands on the other side of the road and we fly by.. at this point i'm in my head like wtf is this shit i dont even... so yeah anyways we get to the end of this highway thing and we take a left turn and call his aunt up and she's all yeah come on by blah blah blah here are the directions.

    So we get on this road that is like winding all the way up into the fucking mountains and we had to take the turns at like 20 max it was pretty shitty and i'm like.. yo dude are we going the right way? She said it would be like 5 more minutes and we've been driving for an hour and a half. And he's like.. idk man i'm not too worried about it. So we end up driving on this road and 2 hours into the journey we're both just lol'ing so hard because we're up in the mountains, no idea where the fuck we are, and no phone signal. Idk why it's funny at this point but it is.

    SO. Then we get to this city and we're like where the fuck are we.. and that's when we see the sign. Brevard. HOLY FUCK. We're in Brevard?! That's like 3 hours from where we are supposed to be@@ So I'm like.. FUCK IT. We look for a movie theater on my phone and there isn't a damn thing. The closest one is like.. another hour away. So I'm like.. I'm down. So we drive to this fucking movie theater and I'm like.. Hey. Dude. Remember that half gallon we have in the back? And he's like yeah. I was like. What if we chugged it in the parking lot and went to this movie. And so we did. It wasn't a full half gallon.. Probably like 2/3 full. Anyways. We chug most of it and light up a cig and start to walk in and I don't really feel it yet but my friend is starting to so I'm like fuck we needa get these tickets quick. So we get our tickets to Grown Ups and i'm like bro. food. popcorn. food drink food. get it. We're pretty much feeling it heavily now. So we get this huge ass thing of popcorn and load that bitch up with butter and salt.

    Then we go to our theater and sit down at almost the top and start watching the fucking previews and I'm starting to realize that we are going to be full on drunk in a second. And me and my friend are extremely stupid when it comes to being drunk\high. I have no idea how I'm not in jail actually. Anyways I dismiss this thought and I'm like yo dude I bet you we're going to demolish this popcorn before the fucking movie starts and he's like yeah so then I'm like I gotta piss dude so I stumble to the bathroom and get back and he's like I gotta go too so he leaves and like.. 20 seconds later comes back i'm like wtf i thought you had to piss and he's like i did. I just went on the door. and i'm all lolwut? So the movie starts and I'm way too fucked up and neither of us can concentrate on the movie at all so we start yelling shit at the screen and I'm like "THIS IS FUCKING PUSSY SHITTTT" and this girl to the left of me goes "Uhm, excuse me sir could you please not say that it's kinda offense." And I'm like "LOL OKAY" and my friend says to me "WHAT SHOULD WE SAY NOW?!" And we both yell Cunt at the same time. Epic. Anyways. So we decide that this movie isn't good enough for us because I can't figure out the fucking storyline at all and I have no idea what's going on. My friend goes to me bro I'm nikkin lets go get a cig and I'm like aight man. So I fucking light up right there in the movie theater and tell him my plan : lets get kicked out. So we start chain smoking and we are getting NASTY NASTY looks from EVERYONE in the theater. Like, we've been yelling this entire time and smoking and pretty much destroying lives. So about an hour into the movie I'm like alright FUCK THIS. we're leaving. Because at that point there was no reason to stay except if we wanted to get arrested (and we never got fucking kicked out, really?)

    We get back in the car and i'm like. You aight to drive man? And he's like yeah. So we drive home, completely shit faced jamming out to some L X System and Bounc3, Deadmau5. We get home, pick up my oz and roll over to our buddies house and start toking hard. It gets to be about 2 in the morning and I have no idea what happened but I woke up at like 8 in the morning and I was like.. For some reason this doesn't bode well... Then I remembered that I told my ex best friend (who is completely straight edge) that I would go to the water park with him today for his birthday. And I'm like.. OH FUCK. We were supposed to leave at 7. My phone is completely dead, and I have no way to contact him. So I run to his house. Straight up run. With the weed. I get there and his mom comes out and I'm like oh fuck I don't even know. And I'm like Hey! Sorry I'm late is **** here? And she's like he left about 30 minutes ago to come pick you up from your house.. so i'm like fuck. Turns out he was eating at iHop with some other friends so they come and pick me up and we go to the waterpark.

    I have no idea what's going on right now. If you read all that I commend you times infinity. GOODNIGHT GC.

    EDIT: And we did eat that entire thing of popcorn before the movie started.
  2. TLDR: Decide to go to the movies, pick up bud on the way. Unbeknownst to OP driver has no idea where they're going, extremely baked so it's all good.

    Speeding with blunt in hand, bear runs across road WTF?

    Get mad blazed and end up driving for hours, end up in some town ages away from where they're supposed to go.

    Decide to get drunk from booze in the trunk, go to movie theatre, friend pisses on the door, yelling out expletives and smoking cigarettes in the theatre.

    Leave, drive home wasted listening to some tunes. Arrive at friends house and toke til 2 in the morning.

    Wake up next morning and have to go to waterpark for friends birthday! Run to his house.
  3. TL;DR - don't come to a forum if it's to hard for you to read a few paragraphs.

    You got lucky OP:eek:
  4. ^ Thanks bro. Hahahahaha, was NOT about to read through that.
  5. So basically you had a wicked awesome journey for hours before becoming THAT GUY at the movies.

    Alcohol doesn't turn you into THAT GUY by the way.

    All in all, crazy night and sounds fun, but be more careful bro. 130 MPH with an L burning and an open contanny in the trunk? Yeesh.

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