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    I had a good girl but i lost her
    i had a good girl she was first on my roster
    number one in my books number one in my eyes
    but i lost her to the other guys
    shes swimming around unexpectedly naive
    but she didnt take it all, not the pain or relief.
    i had a good girl but shes out in the ocean
    now all i got is my hand and some lotion.

    Stoned Steps
    i left my buddies and the rest down the stairs . taking stoned steps
    419 was the adress but it gains one more climbing stoned steps
    on the south side of a small town, small crowds and no crown
    everyone in town is a judge taking stoned steps
    but everyone is wrong just like pets
    ....everyone says that everyones wrong and fist fly and sad songs
    are part of the everyday people are gone.
    but why cant we carry on.
    take your stoned steps and everythings fine.
    theres no point of standing in line.
    take your steps as the others do. but leave your judgment put away for you.
    maybe grow maybe not. just take your stoned steps and smoke your pot.
    follow the plot and tie the knot.
    live and learn and let it be taught ,
    that stoned steps can climb the stairs
    and keep to your self less the paul bears?....
    stones steps will take you there
  2. high and low, stepped away
    not alone
    no room to grow
    but still i left
    walked forward with no steps

    stairway to heaven
    escalator to hell
    im stepping away from the heat
    but closer to the smell
    life reaks

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