Once In A Lifetime, TONIGHT. ALL OF YOU.

Discussion in 'General' started by XPiperX, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Look to the east before midnight, and you'll see, if you're lucky, Mars, as bright as the full moon. It's coming closer to the earth than it ever has- 34 million miles. Sorry if ya'll knew about it already... Just thought the city should know.
  2. Ok, but midnight where? I'm in PA... I do want to see it with a bottle of brew in hand, but I need to know when. If you're going to make a thread at least be specific about it.
  3. That's pretty cool, if I'm up and I remember I'll go look.
  4. I'ma check it out right now, thank you.
  5. how do I know where east is!?
  6. Theres also a lunar eclipse tonight.
  7. Is this a myth or something?

    I didn't see it, anyway.
  8. I was just looking at mars. It's the same as it always is, and I didn't even know about this yet.

    But I've seen this on snopes. Sorry guy, but unless you want to cite NASA or something, it's just a rumour.

    And even so, it still looks the same to me.
  9. No mars here....too cloudy. Hope they're gone by morning.
  10. Too cloudy, I see several bright 'stars' but thats it.
  11. the skies are clear as hell here and i didn't see anything i just went outside and looked for like 15 mins haha i really want to see this
  12. Ive already seen mars

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